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Time: June 7, 2021
KOK69 Location: Montverde Florida

Aloha All,
Ken O’Keefe here, this is the Official Ken O’Keefe website.  As you can see, the site is under construction so feel free to peruse. If you want the very latest interviews, broadcasts, videos, and otherwise unavailable, censored, shadow banned material, this is your place. As backups we encourage you to visit, like, subscribe to the following accounts

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Coming up in just over 24 hours, my new and regular show with Truth Tellers like Cynthia McKinney (coming soon), Rudy Dent, Richard Gage, Dr. Alan Sabrosky and on June 8th, 2021, on the 54 Year Anniversary of the Israeli Attack on the USS Liberty, watch ‘Ken O’Keefe in Conversation with Phil Tourney, USS Liberty Survivor’. Broadcasting at 5pm EST, 10pm London time.