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Aloha Palestine

Hello and Welcome to Aloha Palestine – why “Aloha” I hear you ask. Well an extract from our website should answer that: “Aloha reflects the common values of hospitality, generosity and desire for a just peace that are found both in Hawaii and Palestine.”

Aloha Palestine will not trade in weapons or instruments of violence of any kind, ever.

At present there is virtually no trade between Gaza and the world. However, the Euro-Med Partnership has resulted in sub-agreements such as the 1997 Euro-Mediterranean Interim Association Agreement between the European Community & Palestinian Authority, this agreement mandates the following objectives:

  • to contribute to the social and economic development of the West Bank and Gaza Strip. 
  • to establish the conditions for the progressive liberalization of trade. 
  • to foster the development of balanced economic and social relations between the Parties through dialogue and cooperation. 

It further states that the objectives of cooperation will be:

  • promoting investments in tourism. 
  • promoting intra-regional trade. 
  • improved passenger and freight services both at bilateral and regional level.