Our Ship

Aloha Palestine is a lawful, peaceful enterprise, adhering to all the relevant regulations, codes of practice and laws relevant to our company.  Our cargo of SafeTrade goods will be independently inspected and verified as posing no threat whatsoever to the citizens of Israel or the region.  Israeli officials will be invited to confirm these facts, as will EU and United Nations officials.

Proposed ship for Aloha Palestine - able to carry 300 passengers and 100 tonnes of cargo.

We shall transport youth groups, students, artists, political and social leaders, journalists, doctors and nurses, celebrities, religious pilgrims, long separated family members and people who simply wish to see for themselves the reality of life in Gaza.

  • Flags representing the citizenship of every passenger aboard; it is Aloha Palestine’s intention to have at least one person from every nation on Earth on the first voyage, including indigenous nations, as representatives of the belief that respect for human rights and non-violent resolution of conflict is key to a better world.
  • Passenger Compartments – capable of carrying up to 300 passengers.
  • Cargo Hold – capable of transporting 50-100 tonnes of cargo.
  • Red Crescent & Red Cross Society logos representing the presence of each on our ship and our commitment to transporting (free of charge) people who are in need of life saving medical care not available in Gaza.
  • Flag of Registry – Cyprus
  • Palestinian flag
  • The entire text of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
  • No Weapons’ logo – representing our commitment to SafeTrade (also on roof of passenger compartments).
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