Social Enterprise

The denial of human rights in Gaza creates an environment of insecurity that destabilizes the region as a whole.  However, a peaceful and prosperous future is possible.

Aloha Palestine is a social enterprise: a mission oriented company trading in goods and services for a social purpose.  Whereas traditional companies measure their success according to their ‘bottom line’ – profitability – our company operates on a blended-value business model.  This means that not only do we generate revenue, we also generate social benefit.  Thus our measure of success is twofold:

1.   Profitability.
2.   The development of prosperity, stability & peace in the region in which we operate.

Aloha Palestine aims to provide an essential service that does not currently exist in Palestine, a SafeTrade shipping service to transport people and cargo into and out of Gaza.  The right to travel is one that presently cannot be exercised in Gaza.
The running of our ship gives Gazans the means to provide for their own needs, and move away from charitable dependency.

“(Aloha Palestine) It’s opening up Gaza, so that it can produce its own needs, export its surplus, bring in the imported goods it needs as a result – as every other country in the world is able to do.” Jeremy Corbyn (Member of UK Parliament, Aloha Palestine Endorser)
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