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How Do the Human Rights of Palestinians Look in the Biden Era?

The unending conflict between Palestine and Israel has been characterized by decades of hostility, violence, and bloodshed. There have been several attempts to forge a peace agreement, but the conflicts still remain unresolved. Israel continues to expand into the Palestinian land, and as per international law, this annexation by Israel is unlawful and has been condemned openly by many nations. Due to the lack of properly defined borders between the two nations, it is tough to prove explicitly that the Israeli settlements are illegal.

The Biden Era 

Biden, in June 1986, stated that “it’s about time that we stopped apologizing for our support to Israel.” But over the years, Biden has moved away to the idea of a two-state solution, stating clearly that he is vehemently opposed to the Israeli annexation of the West Bank but does not intend to slash down the US military aid for Israel. While the Palestinians are not really excited about Biden’s election to the office, the end of the Trump era is definitely a sigh of relief.

The trump government saw calamitous advances in support of the Israeli annexation of Palestine. The USA formally Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and moved the US embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv. Also, the US aid was cut from the Palestinian Authority in West Bank as well as the UN refugee agency.

Current Stance

Theoretically, Biden is expected to return to the conventional US stance on Palestine, which is to support the human rights of Palestinians and the legitimacy of Palestine as a nation-state without conducting any international action against Israel. This might seem in favor of the two-nation solution, but Palestinians no longer believe that this is a viable option for their country. Whether or not the Biden administration will go back to their old stance is yet to be seen.


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