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The Ultimate Dive Package | All Islands - Dive Sites 

The Ultimate Diving Package

This package includes:

1) All dive charters and fees
2) All equipment
3) All airfare between the islands
4) Lodging on all islands
5) Transportation to and from dive-sites and airports
6) Personal travel coordinator
7) Expert personal instructor as escort for all dives
8) The absolute best diving, with the Hawaiian Islands best dive operations

Price is based on two or more, with an eight day minimum for all island expedition package.
Special destinations and packages can be arranged for shorter durations at $385.00 per day.

Total cost - $400.00 per day, per person


Car rentals
Accommodation upgrades
First class airfare
Nitrox certification
Special charters to the Northwestern Hawaiian Atolls (advanced divers only)


Without doubt, this is the exclusive tour in the Hawaiian Islands, and it is the supreme experience. If you are a discerning person who's first priority is not the price, but the quality, then you are in for a truly unforgettable adventure.

The expedition begins with your arrival on Oahu, "The Gathering Place", where you will be greeted by Hawaiian tradition with a Lei. You'll be met by your travel coordinator and personal instructor, both of whom will accompany you throughout the Hawaiian Islands for the next two to four weeks. All of the headache and hassle of traveling will be of no worry to you, all these matters will be handled by your travel coordinator. Your personal instructor will act as your dive coordinator and safety net, providing you with the absolute best diving for your specific interests and abilities, with the ultimate in safety. Our instructor guides are all certified oxygen providers and medic first aid instructors. Your instructor is a highly experienced diver in Hawaiian waters and has personal relationships established with the premiere dive operations on each island. Because of this you can rest assured that only the finest diving from the most knowledgeable divemasters and instructors on each of the island, will be provided.

The incredibly unique nature of this tour means that each expedition takes on a life of its own. Flexibility is our key, and the goal is to develop a keen sense of your desires and fulfill your wishes. However, a basic itinerary is listed below. Due to the exclusivity of this expedition we will offer only two of these tours per month. A two month advanced booking is necessary!!!

Your adventure begins on the Island of Oahu. A two to three day orientation begins and you will dive the best Oahu has to offer. This includes two sites rated in the "Top 12 in the World" by Scuba Diving Magazine. You will also visit other less known sites with equal beauty as the most experienced instructor on the North Shore as your incomparable guide. During this time your personal instructor will assess your abilities and desires, which will in turn shape the rest of your journey.

Your next stop will be the "Garden Island" of Kauai. The current weather conditions will always dictate daily sites but in the spring and summer months, calm conditions on most sides of the islands usually prevail. One site you may visit is "Mana", a barrier reef in the 50-90ft.range. The coral here is magnificent, with the least possible impact from humans. As will be the priority throughout, "secret or little known" sites will be visited. You will also learn much from your local guides about the rare and endemic species found on Kauai. Group sizes will never exceed 8 divers.

Next you'll visit the "Forbidden Island" of Niihau. The diving here is unquestionably world class, even the most spoiled of divers cant help but awe at the humbling beauty of Niihau. The incredible beauty is directly attributable to the fact that Niihau is truly forbidden to any would-be tourists, however, you will be accompanied by the original guides to this island and their knowledge of the sites is unsurpassed. The following is an excerpt from the log of an Oahu instructor;

Dive #1 The water was magnificent and the life flourished. With well over two hundred dives on Oahu, I still saw countless fish I had never seen before. The coral thrived and I dared not touch a thing. For the last twenty minutes of the dive a resident male monk seal watched us as we watched and photographed him. For the last five minutes of this dive I was alone as everybody else was out of air. I was able to approach within ten feet of this seal and for that time we both watched each other with much inquisitiveness. He made vocal sounds much like a growling dog and I returned my own vocalizations. These five minutes I will never forget for if you ever have the honor of a one-on-one interspecies encounter with a wild non-human animal you will surely know what I mean. This creature is not visited with much regularity aside from those lucky few who get to dive in Niihau. I am quite sure he is still thinking of me as I very much am of him, and considering that there are only approximately twelve hundred of his kind left in the world today, I may well be one of the very last to have that kind of exchange, forever. I feel truly privileged and honored.

Dive #2 This dive had one hell of an act to follow but it in no way left anything to be desired. I soon realized that every dive here is magical. The spot is as of now still unnamed. I will call it "Silhouettes" however. We descended about seventy five feet over the ledge of a massive cavern. Within the cavern was a huge collection of black coral. Like nothing I have seen even in the best pictures of Hawaii. Long winding bands and fans which I didn't even know existed in Hawaii. It was like a mini underwater forest. Within the caverns were massive live tiger cowries ( The largest in the world ). I counted over fifteen out in the open. Swimming from one huge overhang and cavern to another, I led the way through a massive arch/cavern and mid-way through witnessed a sight forever embedded in memory. Silhouetted through the other side of this cavern against a backdrop of the most brilliant blue 100 ft. plus visibility was countless gray, black tip and white tip sharks. My guess puts the number at about twenty five sharks total. The whole group swam through the opening and was enveloped by the sharks which ranged from 2ft. to 6ft. It was one of those Discovery Channel, National Geographic type moments. Truly humbling. Many pictures taken and sadness due to the hook and lines still attached to two or three of the sharks. The clearest example of human exploitation and disregard I witnessed in this virgin environment. You will not soon forget the diving found here, and only a privileged few have ever the opportunity. Weather conditions are the ultimate decision maker on whether you get to join that elite few, if mother nature smiles on you, two days here are planned, with three tanks each day.

Next stop, the island of Maui. Maui will also serve as your base for diving on the island of Lanai. Here you will dive with the company rated #1 in the Indo-Pacific region. And you will visit the famous Molokini Crater. One of the sites you might explore is "Edge of the World", the steepest most dramatic drop-off along the backside of the crater. This site is for advanced divers however as the drop-off plummets to 250ft. Sharks and other Pelagics are commonly sighted, and because the crater shields this site from direct sun there is an eerie and magical feel to the dive. You never know what you'll see here as the deep water invites chance encounters with large creatures.

Lanai offers more virgin dive sites. "Cathedrals" is one such site. As the name implies a magnificent naturally formed lava rock cathedral awaits. Upon entering the cathedral ( cavern ) you may notice what many liken to be an alter with a wall behind it. This wall looks amazingly like a stained glass window due to cracks and holes chiseled out of it by the flowing currents which allows for wondrous beams of light to shine through. Residents of the sight include white tip reef sharks, a giant moray eel, and large Angler fish that use a lure attached to their head as bait for their prey whom they swallow in the blink of an eye.

"The Big Island" becomes the finale to the epitome of diving's ultimate experience in Hawaii. And your dives here will include "One of the Worlds Top Ten." Manta Rays with 8-10ft. wingspans will surround you on this incredible night dive. This dive has been compared to a "close encounter." Your dive here boasts a 90% sighting rate of these majestic creatures. Truly a splendid way to cap off your dream dive holiday.



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