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Whale Watching Tours with a Whale Defender

Owner|Instructor Ken Nichols 

We are very excited to be offering whale watching tours beginning in December 1999. Not only we will be getting you up close and personal with the majestic Humpback Whales but we will also educate you about the current status of whaling worldwide. Your guide will be Captain Ken Nichols who in the fall of 1998 volunteered for three months with the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. During that time Ken was involved in coastal patrols along the Northwest's rugged coastline, reconnaissance land missions, and Direct Action confrontation with the would be whale killers. On November 1st 1998 Ken was the subject of international attention with his arrest in protest of the whale killing in which his face was bloodied. In the spring of 1999 an article written by Ken about the plight of whales was printed in the national magazine "Discover Diving". This article hit the newsstands as the first whale in decades was killed in U.S. waters off Washington coast. There can be no doubt that your guide is a committed defender of the whales and all marine life and his tour will provide an insight into the life of these wonderful creatures in a way that few tour guides can.


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