Last updated August 2000

August 18, 2000  "Thanks for the terrific time!  Great dives, guide, and people.  I love your mission.  Thank you!"

Raquel K., San Francisco, CA

August 15, 2000  "Nice dive - well organized and accommodating.  We'll pass the word!"

Steve, Jill, Keri, and Koeri S., Apple Valley, MN

August 10, 2000  "Very professional, educational in more ways than one.  Ken, you are a truely [sic] awesome being...seeing your energy was a renewal of my own.  Thank you."

Leia, Honolulu, HI

August 7, 2000  "Thanks!  helped us become more aware of the ecology and had fun doing it" and "Ken your [sic] the COOLEST guy and BEST instructor and a true idol!  Thanks for a wonderful experience."

George and Kristen B. [respectively], Denver, CO

July 28, 2000  "For my first 'real' dive, I enjoyed the diversity of sealife and the fact that our guide was so patient.  Definitely would come back and/or recommend."

Donna S., Portland, OR

July 28, 2000  "Very informative, low key, thorough, relaxed, totally enjoyable!  Enjoyed the commentary, knowing what we saw, nice debrief/recap.  Mahalo!"

Connie, David, and Kelly, Dallas, TX

July 27, 2000  "2 beautiful dives, with many original forms of sealife.  I really admire & respect your dedication to the ecology.  Thank you."

Gene S., Phoenix, AZ

July 20, 2000  "Thank you very much.  It was a great experience to dive in Hawaii and its good to know that whilst diving care and curtisy [sic] is taken in respect of the environment.  Thanks again."

Daniel R.

July 13, 2000  "Thanks so much for the diving.  I was so surprised at the amount of fish in abundance on the dive, having been told previously that Hawaii didn't hve much to offer - how wrong.  The turtles were amazing too, the first I've seen below the water.  The ecology minded nature of this operation is just brilliant."

Caroline A., Guildford, UK

June 17, 2000  "1st class instructor (Scott) and operation (Pat, Ken, Bill)!  1st dives and North Shore Diving Headquarters [aka Deep Ecology] will always be fondly remembered.  Mahalo!!"

Jay W., (Maui) Hawaii

June 7, 2000  "The dives were great!!  Scott and Juan were very helpful.  I would definitely recommend this shop.  Thank you."

Kelly S., Seattle, WA

June 5, 2000  "Had an excellent time.  Great fun for the whole family.  Personalized service always makes for a unique experience - not to mention swimming with a few dozen dolphins.  Thanks for an unforgettable dive."

Brian and Shari T., Apex, NC

May 31, 2000  "Great diving, excellent guides and captains.  Will recommend to all."

Kelly K. and Ben F., Laramie, WY

May, 2000  "Thank you so much for the dives.  I was apprehensive not having been in 17 years, but you all make me feel totally at ease.  And we saw a shark!  May God bless your admirable work."

Debbie and Jeff W., Lodi, CA

"Thanks for a great time Chris, our guide was great! Its nice to have such a knowledgeable person to show us the sights. Thanks again."

Shelly Phillips - West Jordan, Utah 3-5-98

"Dove at Shark's Cove. Wonderful experience. Been to Jamaica and this was much better. Saw beautiful rock formations, fish, and turtles. Dan was a great instructor and guide. We will definitely be back when we visit Hawaii again."

John & Stacey Kacic, Saline, Michigan, 4/14/99

"Had a great time diving Brian was terrific! We'll be back see you next time. Thanks!!!"

George & Debbie Parker, Provo, Utah, 4/16/99

"Thank you for the Help with 19 students! Service was great! Sharks Cove was great!"

J. Box 4/16/99

"Thank you very much, I did have a really great time at Sharks Cove, with Susan.. I enjoy diving so much. Thank you very much, indeed. Hope I have an opportunity to visit here again."

Thailand 4/18/99

"Thank you for this good dive and the friendly guide and staff. Goodbye."

Peter, Berlin, Germany 5/3/99

"Great visibility, saw 2 turtles and I love to watch them "flying" in the sea; we saw a scorpion fish, eels, and had great fun swimming in the caves! I will definitely recommend Sharks Cove, even if threes no shark! Enjoy your dives."

Sylvie, France 5/3/99

"Thank you very much for the dives. I enjoyed it very much. Also thank you for the excellent service of the divemasters and your dive center. Hopefully I will ever again come to dive with you guys. Bye Bye, see you the next time."

Wendel, Switzerland 5/3/99

"Thank you very much!!! Next time, I want to come for a long day! See you, Bye Bye."

Nobuhiko Usami, Dive Instructor, Nakano-ku Tokyo Japan 5/3/99

"Thanks for everything!"

Sal & Eve Lucchese, Effort, Pennsylvania USA 5/13/99

"Fantastic dive at Sharks Cove- great caverns and swim thrus many eels and slipper lobsters excellent divemaster, James. Thanks for everything."

Vince Pianalto, Ellicott City, Maryland USA 5/17/99

"4 turtles, an eel and an octopus on one dive. On the west side - saw turtles, large fish, cool lava caves, etc lovely day."

Ann Sheide, New Zealand 6/2/99

"Thank you Kari for making my first dive just wonderful. Good luck!

Priya & Dirk Wenzel 6/4/99

"Thank you for the awesome experience! Kari and Dan are great instructors! Plus, they are a lot of fun!"

Janan Burr 6/5/99

"Wow! I have discovered a new passion, Scuba Diving! Thanks for everything."

Kris A. Probst, Laie, Hawaii 6/5/99

"You have an exceptional staff and I loved the dive!!! I'll be back! Thanks"


"Great diving! Thank you so much. We had a wonderful time."

The Hunts and The Vivolos 6/6/99

"The reefs here are beautiful. God's creation shines in all of his glory at Waimea. Thank you for sharing."

Toby & Kristin Bowker Lodi, California USA 6/6/99

"Absolutely Marvelous! Keep up the great work darlings!"

The Enoka Clan 6/9/99

"Great diving & great company! Mahalo"

Rene Akew 6/9/99

"Great instructor, patient, and thorough. Dan is a superb teacher! Definitely interested in more diving!"

Al Lezer 6/10/99

"Two good dives, the alternative was we could have been working. Mahalo Nui Loa"

Janet & Mark 6/12/99

"Excellent staff, safety is primary, very enjoyable. Best dive shop we have been to. Recommend highly."

Paul & Renee Akin Santa Rosa, California 6/4/99 to 6/13/99 (8 dives)

"Great dive! Thanks much!"

Conner Duncan

"You all were great!"

Betty Hamley 6/14/99

"Thanks for the great service! We really enjoyed the diving and the staff!"

Cleve & Toni Neah Spartanburg, South Carolina 6/14/99
Bruce Clary Spartanburg, South Carolina
Travis Rhoads Mililani, Hawaii

"Thank you it was very fun!"

Adam Hilton 6/16/99

"Thanks a lot it was a blast!"

James Hilton 6/16/99

"It was heavy! Much mahalos with Aloha"

JCG 6/16/99

"Awesome! We had a great timed!"

David & Carmen State, Houston, Texas USA 6/18/99

"Wonderful dive, great divemasters (Dave & BB)."

Lisa Hale, Los Alamos, New Mexico USA 6/18/99

"Great Dive! Nice shark."

Amy Waters & Brian Letson, Oakland California USA 6/18/99

"Thanks Dave and BB, Great trip."

BJ 6/18/99

"Fantastic dive shop and instructors (Suzanne & Dan) Getting certified here was a great experience. Very patient, organized and supportive. Thanks to everyone! I look forward to many more dive experiences."

Jimmy Hardy Vancouver, Canada 6/20/99

"Most memorable experience on the trip!"


"Had a great time!"

Mat Gessel 6/25/99

"Had a wonderful time. Instructor Dan was great and patient with us. Hope to make it back again.
Thank you."

Dave, Erik and Mike Skoor 6/25/99

"I feel the funktified aqua energy field flow through my toes, kiss the humuhumunukunukuapua'a and warm my chilly belly at 60' in my scanty wetsuit. At least I shan't pee myself to warm up."

James P. & Andrea M 6/25/99

"No one who has yet to experience "swimming with the fishes" would ever believe this! We loved our instructors, both Suzanne & Joe. Can't wait to do it again."

L. King 6/26/99

"Breathing underwater is the best".

Rick King 6/26/99

"Thanks for letting me jump in on your class at the last minute. I had a lot of fun!"

Kent Nye 6/26/99

"Had a great couple of dives. It was good to get back in the water."

Gary Sum 6/27/99

"Thanks for a great time, especially with the dolphins."


"Had 2 great dives. Joe was great! Weather was perfect. Underwater view was wonderful! Great to see a sea turtle too! Thanks."


"Outstanding dive!, Lots of fun!!"

Peter Unda 6/28/99

"Shaka dive! Great experience! Love scuba diving better than snorkeling. Best beginners Joe's had!"

Jeff & Vic Thompson 7/4/99

"We had another great time!! Saw 30-50 spinner dolphins & a zillion turtles didn't find the turtle we were hoping to save, but we'll be back! Thanks !!"

Anderson Meyer 7/4/99

"Awesome experience!! This was our first scuba dive experience. Joe is an excellent instructor. We will definitely come back here again! Thanks from Alaska"

Rich, Don & Josh 7/8/99

"Beautiful! The whole island looks like an oil painting. South Florida with mountains and less humidity."

Carol, Ft Lauderdale, Florida 7/8/99

"Great time! Thanks so much."

Sherry Williams 7/8/99

"Thank you so much for an awesome experience - best dive for us so far."

Bernadette & Stuart 7/11/99

"We were raised on the water (fresh H20). Quite different experience. Joe was a great guide, very informative and patient. Terrific!"

Julienne Mahb & Brandon Mabile 7/14/99

"It was so fun. We had a great time!!! Thank you so much for a great experience."

Tombo Komatsu 7/14/99

"Thank you!!"

Saeko 7/14/99

"Thank you so much!!"

Naoko Tamaguchi 7/14/99

"Thanks Dave, one incredible experience of a lifetime."

Mike Dodson 7/15/99


Regina Dodson 7/15/99

"Thanks a lot, great to see the turtles."

John Cotton, England 7/16/99

"Thanks Roger & Ken. I had a great time. I loved the turtles! Keep up the good work and save them all!"

Brianne Stanley, Corpus Christie, Texas 7/16/99

"I had a blast, thanks!"

Eric Williams 7/17/99

"Thanks for an incredible time and memories."

Jose Vigil, Ski Colorado! 7/17/99

"I enjoyed diving very much and I appreciate your help, thank you for everything."

Edgar Skertehly 7/17/99

"Great dive shop and people. Enjoyed 2nd year in a row. Definitely I will return."

Mike Walker, Ft. Leonardwood, Missouri 7/18/99

"Absolutely fabulous! Thanks to Dan for being so patient and taking great pictures. We'll have great stories to take back to New Hampshire."

Jim & Deb Bonner 7/18/99

"Had a great time. Crew is great. Shop is really nice. Will be back."

Tim Bassham 7/18/99

"Saturday 7/17/99 I was startled. Where are the fish? Every year, I see the prolific sea life diminish drastically. It's sad. 70% of our oxygen we derive from the plankton of the ocean. If the fish have diminished so drastically. The baby fish & plants, plankton haven't a chance!"

Victoria, Northern California 7/21/99

"I really enjoyed your picture room, insightful. Well chosen quotes to put on your walls thanks."

Winter Strong, Shelton Washington 7/21/99

"Thanks for the great dives. Ken, keep fighting the good fight!! Loved the P & J sandwiches!"

Jim McCormick, West Hills California

"Nice job, great dive, good rap on Eco-diving!"

Rick Dretterhe, Pacific Grove, California

"Great dives! Keep those turtles in shape!"

Brian Tierrey, Shoreview, Minnesota

"Thank you, Roger, Ken and all. Great fun! God Bless!"

Mike & Tammy Merillat

"Hey! We really enjoyed your shop!"

The Yurkos & Silbert, Washington D.C.

"Snorkel at Sharks Cove - Awesome! Thanks for your help!"

The Wiles Family, Huntsville, Alabama

"Got a fin in the face at the "turtle car wash". Thanks."

Bronce Stephenson, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Good dive!"

Nils, California

"This was amazing! Look for our picture on the door! Thanks for everything! Bill Keen rules!"

Becky Weiss & Carri Christensen

"Dan kept me so calm when I was freaking out. Thank you so much for making my first diving experience a great one. Thank you."

Diane & Darren Jones

"Great dive with you. Lets do it again. Mahalo"

Stu C.

"Thank you for the great dive experience! I finally can enjoy the water the way fish do! Dan is an excellent instructor."

Dustin Carey, Oceanside, California

"Great dives, great instructor, great place!"

Scott Carey

"B.B. is a very kind, patient divemaster. She helped me thru my worry."



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