"Had a great dive! Then divemaster Dan saw a turtle swimming in a circle, upon closer inspection, the turtle had fishing line around it's left front flipper! Shedding his dive gear and summoning help Divemaster Dan and Captain Ken rescued the turtle, struggling it into the boat and taking it back to shore to see it got the proper care! Well done Diver Dan and Captain Ken!"

Craig & Toni Smelt, Arcadia, California 8/4/99

"Really good dive - very pleasant people and experience. Answered all questions and the tour was great. Thanks!"

Bryan Kash, 8/5/99

Our first dive after open water certification. Was a great time.

Carol & Ron Koch 8/5/99

"Nice diving, fun guys, lots to see. Good, Good!"

Allen Roberts, England

"Thanks for a great time. Yes! I finally saw the turtles."

Kelly & Dale Niclos 8/12/99

"Great day, great attention to detail. Thanks!"

Terry Moore, San Francisco, California 8/12/99

"My first dive ever! I had a blast! Joe you were great. I have no bad comment about you. Thanks so much for the good time. I'll definitely do this again when I get the chance. Oh yeah, Phil had fun too!"

Linnea & Phil Cudmore 8/12/99

"Thanks for a great dive! Thank much to Pat, Joe and B.B. We'll be back!"

Valerie & Jonathan Bromberg, Laguna Hills, California 8/12/99

"Everyone was helpful (very important) I felt a part of the family. You seem to be doing things right. I will be back (I hope) and dive again. It's great to be hear and enjoying everything."

Steve Weller

"Thanks for two incredible dives. It was amazing and just wonderful to get to help that turtle. Ken & Joe were great! Thanks."

Arnry 8/10/99

"Two great dives for my 1st after certification. I'll never forget them. Thanks Ken & Joe, I hope "Kenny" the turtle makes it home."

Andrew 8/10/99

"One great dive with Ann, Don , Tanya, Jack and I. The first as a group. Sharks Cove with the elevator entry rocks!!"

Amy Manja 8/13/99

"Great diving. Lars and B.B. were super instructors. We enjoyed our day. Thanks!"

Russ, Chris & Cheryl 8/14/99

"Turtle car wash had great formations and lots of big turtles."

Jared, 8/15/99

"Went on two dives with B.B. it was wonderful! We saw a bunch of turtles at "firehouse", with eagle rays and eels."

Michael 8/16/99

"Diving is the most thrilling and relaxing things I've ever done. I've been skydiving, bungee jumping, a stuntman, snowboarding and motorcycle racing. This is the 1st time I've been taken to another world. Nothing compares thanks to NSDH."

Jason Smith

"Diving is fantastic! Especially because we had an excellent teacher. Bill Keen thanks for introducing us to a great new adventure!"

Amy Olson, Washington D.C.

"It was wonderful! Bill was and is an excellent instructor. Thanks for such a great time."

Karen Smith, Alpine, Utah

"Two of the best dives we've had! What you are doing at this dive shop is fantastic! We hope the "trend" catches on. I look forward to diving with you in the next 4 months."

Sara & Mike Cornwell, Columbus, Ohio

"The sea is an awesome place, filled with places limited only by ones imagination. Thanks for the great time."

Ken, Darlene, Kim & Ken Jones 8/18/99

"The dive at Sharks Cove was awesome. There were so many caves to swim into and all kinds of rock formations. It was also fun to see the sea turtles."

Brad & Virginia Genouse

"Great dives, turtle "Bumpy" saved! Hawaii No Ka Oi, Mahalo."


""Bumpy" is alive (though tumored pretty bad) Great dives, cool dolphin scenery. Thanks all."

John Ballard

"We had 2 wonderful dives. Dan is a great dive instructor. Thanks"

Paula Stockman 8/19/99

"Thanks! This (getting certified) was a lot easier than I expected. All 3 of the instructors we had were very helpful, fun and encouraging."

Suzanne Smith, San Francisco, California 8/20/99

"Wonderful! As always, the turtles were the highlight. The educational aspects of the dive were great! I appreciated the environmental/conservation attitude. I won't dive anywhere else on Oahu!"

Franny Kinslow, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 8/21/99

"Pat-Thanks for everything, the dive and the service were great. Hope to see you next year."

Fernando Woodside, Mexico 8/22/99

"Had an excellent couple of dives, especially seeing the turtle cleaning station, very informative too - all the best!"

Hugo, Lodon, United Kingdom

"Lots to see, turtles, eels, lobsters and of course fish."

Don Smith, Ludi, California

"Everything was wonderful. Thanks for making our trip to Hawaii memorable!" "Thanks to Rogers for a most excellent, educational and safe dive! Congratulations on becoming an instructor and keep up the great work. I'll be back!!"

Jan Beeman

"Thanks so much for such a great dive rip. Roger was fantastic (Congratulations!) We love the turtles and hope you can save Sharks Cove."

Vicki Stull, Los Angeles, California
Amy Kuchar, Allen Park, Michigan

"The "Mahi" was unbelievable. For our first wreck dive - words can't describe it. Thanks so much - Roger was a great dive master. The memories will last forever."

Vicki Stull, Los Angeles, California
Amy Kuchar, Allen Park, Michigan

"I had an experience of a lifetime! And a wonderful time learning something new."

Christine Groves, Toronto, Canada

"Super, first time experience. Thanks for everything."

Carolyn & Jim Groves, Toronto, Canada

"Joe is super Grrrreat, very caring and fun and loves all God's creatures. All my best to Pat & Ken. Thanks so much."

Tiana 9/6/99

"Great dive!! Colorful fish. Good environment guide, took us to some good places."

Mike, Dallas, Texas

"Best dive equipment I have ever rented - great dives, beautiful beaches and super friendly people."

Grechen, Toronto, Canada

"Roger-Thanks for the wonderful dive. I enjoyed the sea turtles, the eels, and the lobster. All the beautiful fish, and especially snaking through the caverns. Hope to see you next time in Oahu."

Jon Nudaj 9/9/99

"Joe and I had a great time diving with Dan & Chris. We really were instructed well and the instructors were with us all the way. Thanks for a great memory! We will do this again if we come back to Oahu."

Rina & Joseph Placer 9/10/99

"Wahoo! For the NSDH! You guys are the bomb! You've opened my eyes to a whole new world! Live life and love it. Thanks for all the fun last semester working here and diving with the best of the best! I'm looking forward to another 4 months of awesome memories! You guys are not afraid to be yourselves and stand by what you believe, I really admire that. Lot's of love all around!"

Debbie Ashton 9/11/99

"Thank you for a perfect course. We did some great dives, and also saw an eagle ray. Keep up the good work."

"It was a great couple of dives with Joe, I feel like my skills are improving. It's lots of fun. Thanks!"

Darren Miller 9/11/99

"Thanks for some great diving experiences and the discovery of a new wonderful world. Hopefully we'll someday be back!"
Didrick, Norway 9/13/99

Nathan, Denmark 9/13/99

"These last few days were great and I really enjoyed the dives. Thanks for opening this new wonderful world for me. I'll try to do as much diving as possible. See you guys."

Rene Paulsen, Denmark 9/13/99

"Joe-Thanks for 2 great dives, All the best!"

Peter Hinson, Victoria, Australia 9/14/99

"Fantastic! That's all that needs to be said."

Abraham, New York 9/19/99

"Very enjoyable, Had a great time, well worth the money."

Shane Jones, N. Wales, United Kingdom

"Very professional dives. Loved it! Thanks a lot."

Dan & Erika Haley Hercher, Oderton, Maryland

"Fantastic time, great instructor, great times Thanks Joe!"

Simon Poile, England

"Opened my eyes!"

Josh Souza, Honolulu, Hawaii

"Hawaii's pretty cool. I like your philosophy, Ken."

Peter Haubenschild

"Great dive! Great divemaster!"

Jon & Paula 6/26/99

"I'll be back!"

Ty Jacobsen, Salt Lake City, Utah

"3 Swiss people went diving at Sharks Cove, it was really great!!! Thank you B.B.! the water is so warm and the reefs are great."

Annette, Switzerland 9/28/99

"Thanks for showing us this cool place!"


"Especially the second dive was great, lots of turtles, a moray eel, and crown of thorns in the cathedral!
That was a nice finale of my holidays. Thanks!"

Stephan II

"I can not think of a more enjoyable way of spending my vacation time. The certification course was outstanding and was professionally given. I would highly recommend to all."

Mike Houk, Tampa, Florida 9/29/99

"I had the most enjoyable dive. B.B. was great divemaster."

Petra, Berlin, Germany

"Surreal experience, beautiful dive with Roger as a capable tour guide. Turtles, lots of colorful fish, couple of eels, etc."

"I never knew the underwater world was so wet. But thanks to PADI, Joe, Pat, Ken & Lars at NSDH. Now I know how wet it really is."

Tom S.

Swimming with the turtles, Can't beat it. Thanks North Shore Diving Headquarters and thanks Joe.

Terry Myer 10/3/99

"Many thanks to Pat, Dan & Joe. It only took 3 months, but finally I have completed. Everyone was great & I look forward to more North Shore dives!"

Ron Tsolis, Mililani, Hawaii

"Wow! Some fun people, and a great day."

Gretchen, Honolulu, Hawaii 10/3/99

"Thanks for all of the support and time to teach me. Thanks a lot Joe, Pat, and Dan. It was a blast diving and being free underwater."

Michael W. Barrett 10/3/99

"Thanks so much, B.B. was great! We enjoyed the shore dive at Sharks Cove immensely. Mahalo and Aloha!"

The Gardners, Cincinnati, Ohio 10/6/99

"What a great experience! Joe was a great teacher. I'll be back."

Dave Galinda, Colton, California 10/6/99

"What a time! The photos I took of the turtles, using the rental camera, turned out beautifully!"

Michael 10/10/99

"Two very nice dives, friendly dive guides, nice place to stay forever!"

Holger Jorg, Germany

"Excellent dive, thanks a lot Joe."

Dale Wilson, Phoenix, Arizona 10/11/99

"Great dives, thanks! Good luck with conserving the area."

Tina, Worwickshire, United Kingdom 10/26/99

"Great time! loved the caverns."

Lynne Hartzler & Joe O'Kane 10/26/99

"A fantastic experience, great guide, Dan, who pointed out loads of interesting critters. Thank you!"

Liz Latimer & Dale Roberts, Surey, England

"A first class dive operation - I was very impressed with the service assistance, dive guide and the professional manner in which absolutely everything was done."

Steven 10/10/99


"This was my 12th dive with Ken and NSDH. Always the best dives and times. I always carry NSDH business card with me wherever I go. Try them, you'll love them!!! Thanks again, Aloha.

Capt. Larry Harris - Saugas, California 1-15 98

"Great dives and dive leaders. The divemasters made the dive very enjoyable."

Steve Van Denover - Ridgecrest, California 1-15 98

"Beautiful, warm water. Turtles, Spotted Eagle Ray, Moray Eels! Fun Dive!"

Bob Cadd - Redmond, Washington 1-15-98

"My first dive as a certified diver. So it was good to be in a small group with a relaxed, experienced teacher. Equipment, atmosphere, dives: All very nice!"

Alina Masanety - Germany 1-15-98

"Chris was amazingly helpful, courteous, and considerate divemaster (Instructor). I highly recommend this group to any experienced divers that are tired of the insensitive commercialized diving groups."

Niels Ingersuev - Troy, New York 1-10-98

"High quality equipment, well organized. Excellent dives - dive instructor pointed out interesting aquatic life."

Dan Crowe - Chicago, Illinois 1-14-98

"Great dives! The wrecks were amazing, the first time I've ever been down to a 100ft. and it was great. I made a friend with a sweet turtle on the next dive ~ a lot of fun. Thanks!"

Andrea Fraso - Evanston, Illinois 1-14-98

"Excellent dive!! I was a bit nervous having not been down in a few years. Ken talked me to relaxation and not bailing out on the dive. We did a 100ft.+ dive and then a 40ft. dive without a hitch. I'm glad I went. Thanks."

Ron Olsen DPM - Kingman, Arizona 1-14-98

"By far the best part of my very short vacation. I can't wait to come back and go diving again."

John Bergt - Farmington, NM 1-10-98

"Chris, diving was great! Thanks for your patience with my ears. Wish we could have gone for seconds. Maybe next time."

Russ & Sheryl - Chino, Ca. 1-9-98

"Great dive. Definitely coming back."

Esteban Torres - Chicago, Il. 1-98

"Great caverns at Sharks Cove!"

Robin Sutton - Brown - San Diego, Ca. 1-98

"Thanks for your calm and expert manner - Great Dive!"

Molly Winter - Lawrence, Kansas 12-28-97

Great dive. Definitely coming back."

Esteban Torres - Chicago, Il 12-27-97

"Ken & Chris were very relaxed, enjoyable to dive with. Sea Turtle was great. Nice caverns. Very helpful also - Thanks Ken & Chris. We enjoyed it. Lets do it again..."

Jeff Black - Escondido, Ca. 12-26-97

"Wow! Thanks for the amazing experience and especially to Chris for being such a star and doing all the hard work!

Vicky - Brighton, England 12-26-97

"Turtles, Sting Ray, Octopus, Dolphins, Chris knew exactly where the best of everything was to be found. The apple juice was great too - When he remembered it!"

Sonia Kundu - West Midlands, England 12-24-97

"Fantastic time under the water, looking forward to coming back. A must do trip in Hawaii."

Jon Noda - Fremont, Ca. 12-24-97

"31 First-Class Dives within the last 6 weeks. Cannot understand that it's over now. We got more than we hoped to get. Much more. Lots of turtles and fishes of course. But the best experience was Ken Nichols. We got friends. Today someone asked me if I did belong to Ken's company. I really would like to. Thank you for the very, very good time."

Mario Crissoli Hasenmuehle, Germany

"It was all fantastic"

Louis Garbutt London, England

"Thank you for sharing North Shore diving..."

Jerry + Karen Steinbuecher Sacto, Ca.

"4 Days of super great diving, great lesson/classes and personalized attention all the time - Ken knows the spots to go. Had the best time - thanks. "

Bill Roeller San Diego, Ca.

"Went once, went twice, went three times !!! Great instructor/great dives. Coming back!"

Brett + Marjorie Scott Newport Beach, Ca.

"It was a great day for me. I think to dive in small groups is better and more secure..."

Karin Taugwalder Honolulu, Hi.

"Great philosophy, Relaxed and a beautiful dive. Turtles made my dream come true."

Adam Sullivan Nottingham England

"Thanks. Great adventure ! ! I will never forget it."

Donna Kaiser Glendale, Ca.

"Thank you for the introduction to another world... A great place to be. You were awesome."

Bob Applebaugh Estes Park, Co.

"You gave us a lifetime experience to remember, and a greater appreciation of the ocean environment."

Vivien Vandelee + Darren Jones Long Beach, Ca

"The Highlight of our Hawaii Vacation."

Pat + Sandra Zicarelli Tarzana, Ca.

"Excellent instruction!"

Kip Wellbrook Lancaster, Ca.

"All our fears were washed away"

Allen + Chloe London, England

"Really nice dive Instructors. Helpful and friendly. Great dive, wonderful location. I loved the caves! Keep up the good work."

Linda Archer Santa Rosa, Ca.

"...keep up the great instruction and being down to earth."

Mark + Heather Danner Elmhurst, N.J.

"Fantastic dive, wanted to see turtles and we did ! Thanks Ken for being the Best Instructor yet ! Very relaxing and no need to be nervous !! Thanks."

Kate Wilson Harrogate, England

"Great dive, manta's, turtles, great boat, NSDH Scuba are wonderful."

Evan Nesbitt Los Angeles, Ca.


Larry Harris Saugus, Ca.

"The course was extremely informative and educational. The instruction was delivered in a both easy to understand and fun manner. I had a great time and enjoyed the experience. I feel I got the most out of this course possible due to an awesome teaching job. Thanks much."

Ryan Moore Bradenton, Fl. "

Great Diving, Great People, Great Fish. ALOHA!"

Robert Allen Reading, England

"The best experience of a lifetime. Thanks again."

Walsh Young Bell, Ca.

"What a great start to our dive holiday. Really enjoyed it. Thanks a million."

Laura Stuart Orsa, South Africa


©1999 Deep Ecology and North Shore Diving Headquarters