Testimonials 2001

"Wonderful group! You all did a great job and were a great team!"
Jeff Parker 1/4/01

"Wonderful dive! We had a great time!"
Audrey Ludwig
Wyoming 1/8/01

"We had a great time. Chris was a wonderful & helpful instructor. We will never forget this memorable experience."
J. Tracy Causin
St. Cloud, Minnesota 1/8/01



"Clear water, sea turtles, dolphins! What a wonderful and memorable trip! We'll be back!"
Jon, Emily, Jon, Isacc
Orem, Utah 1/11/01

"Thanks! It was fabulous. I can't wait to show my 3rd graders the pictures and tell them about the people in Hawaii who help the ecosystem by cleaning up the ocean."
Emily Aldrich
Jon Aldrich
Orem, Utah 1/11/01

"Chris is a great instructor! Very good technically, great attitude, inspired great confidence in us. Very enthusiastic! Deep Ecology is a fantastic shop!
Dave & Matt Bernhisel
Salt Lake City, Utah 1/16/01

"Chris is an awesome instructor. I am going home. Bye Chris!"
Matt Bernhisel
Salt Lake City, Utah 1/16/01

"Chris, what can I say except Love, it's all about love. Thanks for the great experience & teaching me to do a headstand."

"Beautiful day of diving. Mahi Wreck and Makaha Caverns were wonderful!"
Sunnyvale, California 1/21/01

"Fantastic 2 dives. Some of the best visibility I have experienced. Good chat, good fun, all 'round great day end!"
Graham Carlewis
Scottland 1/22/01

"Great day diving, Saw whales up close and a lot of turtles."
Stan 1/25/01

"One of the best experiences of my life. Whales, turtles, friendly crew, PBJ sandwiches and sun. I couldn't have had a better day. The 2 dives were awesome and truly better than the Great barrier Reef (maybe). The ecofriendly environment also made me think a lot."
Manchester, England tobysumerfield@hotmail.com

"Didn't see whales, but I heard them under water. Lots of turtles! Good Time! Cool! Thanks!"
Ed Vaughn

"Happy to be able to dive the North Shore and see turtles in Shark's Cove."
Wendy Thomas
Bryan Woodsey 1/27/00

"Life is good! But I ran out of air (hee hee) The turtles were great!"
Viv & Ed 1/30/01

"This had to go down as one of the best, if not the best day I've had. Ever! Swimming with dolphins, rescuing a Galapagos shark and being surrounded by turtles. What more do you want? Thanks a lot!
Liz 1/30/01

"Remember the french guy who touched the turtles? (WHICH IS NOT ALLOWED!) and was not bitten! Thanks a lot for this wonderful swim with dolphins! It will remail a really great memory from the North Shore dive."

Lament 1/30/01

"Great operation! Wonderful day!"
Russ Campbell 2/6/01

"Terrific!" Tom Norri 2/6/01

"Very good time we had with the dolphins, whales and turtles, not to mention the great staff!"
T. Vitololl

"What a wonderful dive! Great boat, excellent staff and beautiful day! Thanks!"
Mike Volpe
New York & Korea
"Thank you so much ken, it was one of my most enjoyable dives."
Paul Tapoya 2/12/01

"Thank you for a beautiful trip. Thank you for helping keep the North Shore clean for all the marine life and animals."
Cindy Lee
Denver, Colorado 2/12/01

"Thanks for a geat dive. My second of many times I'm sure. I can't wait until you open a Minnesota branch!"
Blain Peters
St. Paul, Minnesota 2/19/01

"Hello, this is Melissa and I had a super fantastic time! It made me feel complete as a human being. I will be forever indebted to your hospitality." "Kelly Spencer says remember the Snak Pak?"
Melissa Vaught
Laie, Hawaii 2/19/01

"Chris was a great instructor, confident, happy and very encouraging. I'd tell anyone to come to this dive shop to learn. Great fun-lovely!"
Laura Di Lorenzo
Camp Mokuleia

"Paul was a lot of fun. I had a great time. I will definetly scuba dive again. I saw a bunch of cool fish. Thanks for the experience!"
Will Fasnant

"Me and my brother had a great time. It was one of the most exciting things of my life. Thanks!"
Roger Fasnant

"Thanks for the great dive and for the higher, deeper message of your activism and action, example and educational work. Thank you x 10!"
Kurt Grimm
VBC Earth & Ocean Seekers
Vancouver, BC VGT174

"Thank you very much for a wonderful adventure. It is something I have wanted to do as long as I can remember!"
Louie Humphries
135 Rabon Road
Lexington, Sc. 29073

"Really really good (wonderful) trip with you to the whales, dolphins and of course to the turtles. You can be sure we will cam back, and you can be sure that we make a commercial for your business. Thank you and have a good time without us!
Michael & Timen Eing

"Super day and super dive!"
Lauren Gray & Ralph McDonald

"A good time was had by all! Thanks!"
Nathan & Mary

"Thank you for the great introduction to Hawaiian diving!"

"Enjoyed 3 great days of diving! Deep Ecology is exactly what they advertise. An environmentally conscious company with great people! Very good equipment, great dive sites and all in Hawaii!
Steve Harper

"Excellent dives! Turtles galore! The wreck was fun also!
Pat & Shannon

"Know all ye how dive or want to dive: Deep Ecology-North Shore are great people to take you on your adventure dives on Oahu. I really enjoyed the knowledge, skiil and antics of Chris, Juan and Paul. Let the beautiful Ms. Pat coordinate your dive activities. The lovely Marie with dazzle you with here diving skills and well as her French language. These people took me shore, wreck and cavern diving, It was exciting! It was fun. I had a good time, for real!"
Ben Wagner 4/5/01

"Fun time!"
Tonya & Mark Builder
"Deep Ecology-North Shore, awesome shop. They definitely worth the money! Brian (Ian) Divemaster knows his stuff.l If you have the chance to get him, do! Quality diving, quality shop, High marks!"
Steve Paul
Oxford, Connecticut 4/8/01

"Great dive shop, great instructors. Had a wonderful time at Shark's Cove. Mahalo."
Doug Toms
Cincinnati, Ohio 4/9/01

"Thanks for the terrific dive! I thoroughly enjoyed myself and loved seeing all the fish!"
Teresa Fleming 4/9/01

"This was the best experience I've ever had. Thanks to Paul and Robert for being great instructors and cool guys to hank out with on this dive. Thanks to the generous staff. I will definitely come back again whenever I'm here. Again, thanks for a wonderful time!"
Robert Corochie 4/9/01
San Francisco, California

"Very cool, funny, excellent teachers. Felt very good. Now I'm an addict! Cheers!"
Mike Marsicano
San Francisco, California 4/9/01
"Great time enjoyed everything. Thanks!"
Karl and Marshall Jones
Grant's Pass, Oregon 4/10/01

"I had a fantastic dive. Ken is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. Diving in Shark's Cove and the caverns was special and we will certainly use his services as a guide when we get certified and come back to Oahu."
Paul Wright
Santa Monica, California 4/13/01

"I had a great time. Great people that assisted me on my first dive. (Ken & Joe)."
Jim Vena
Whittier, California 4/13/01

"Awesome dives! We saw the bottle nose dolphins! Chris & Juan were awesome!"
Cathy Petrazio Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4/15/01

"At first I was scared….really scared. A wonderful instructor and class enabled me to thoroughly enjoy every minute underwater. Thanks for everything Chris and Deep Ecology!"
Melissa Shelley 4/20/01

"We were nervous at first, but the crew was so helpful and we had a great time! Thanks a lot!
Linda & Gary Krueger 5/2/01

"Thank you for a great day of diving. Ken and Jim were awesome and made as feel very comfortable and aware of diving concerns. We will be back."
Bill Smith
Ft. Worth, Texas

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