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Many have expressed interest in planning dive trips with #1 Scuba Diving Hawaii Scuba Diving Tours Dive Travel. As a result we will be conducting at least three trips in 2002. These excursions will be with the Aggressor Fleet. For an entire week the experienced crew will cater to your every need, including delicious meals, your own private double occupancy stateroom with private bathroom and shower. Large camera tables, on deck hot showers, fresh towels and snacks after each dive, Nitrox, specialty certifications, you name it, the Aggressor Fleet boats offer the comfort and amenities that set the standard by which other liveaboards are measured. Experience the Aggressor Fleet motto: "Eat, Sleep, and Dive." Even if you don't dive, you can come along for the most relaxing week of your life. Or you can complete your certification while on board.

Ken Nichols will be onboard these excursions and will be sharing his turtle rescue & ghost net recovery experiences and sharing stories about Sea Shepherds Conservation International. For those of you who know Ken, you know the conversation will be passionate (to say the least). He may even get into his former life as a U.S. Marine and the Gulf War. Special effort will be made on these unique charters to seek out potential trouble spots ecologically and to document threats to the local environment. Great emphasis will be placed on exposing current dangers in the interest of protecting these invaluable destinations. In short Deep Ecology will be on tour applying direct action and saving marine life while enjoying the best damn diving in the world. Don't miss out on this extremely unique and enriching experience.






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