Truth Justice Peace
The Faces of Collateral Damage - Baghdad, March 2003


Boycott Israel

We talk a lot about peace in the West. Many of us criticise those who use violence to resist oppression while at the same time paying taxes into massive imperial offense systems used to oppress other nations. The truth is there is no sustainable peace without justice and you cannot affect justice without knowing the truth. And the truth is this message is a little hardcore for some people. The message we carry is not one simply of peace. The message we carry is one of truth, justice and peace.

During our journey to Baghdad early in 2003 we had much of our energy and attention diverted away by people who wanted to argue this point and felt that criticising governments and other people for what they are doing would "offend" people, thus we should avoid it. We may well have had thousands of shields in Baghdad if it were not for this.

Boycott the USA

We are not here to pacify people. Please do yourself and us a favour, if you think you might be one of these people, please find some other way to help. Of course we would not want to offend you by asking you to leave. Only join if you are committed to Truth Justice and Peace. We also ask that you first read Earthforce: Earth Warrior's Guide to Strategy, by Paul Watson.

We will have a new registration form online for volunteers and Human Shield volunteers soon.