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The Faces of Collateral Damage - Baghdad, March 2003


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"Sooner or later U.S. killers we'll kick you out" Fallujah, Iraq 1st May 2003

"Sooner or later U.S. killers we'll kick you out"

Ali Ismaeel Abbas"Collateral Damage" Thursday 10th April, 2003

Ali Ismaeel Abbas "liberated," U.S. Government style. One of many thousands.

A result of the rationalisation of violence. The same rationalisation of violence that lead to millions of Jews being exterminated by Nazi Germany.

This 12 year old was badly burned and had his arms blown off when a missle hit his home.

"Can you help get my arms back? Do you think the doctors can get me another pair of hands?" Abbas asked. "If I don't get a pair of hands I will commit suicide," he said.

Young American woman shot in face

The "land of the free" Oakland, California, USA, 7th of April, 2003. This young woman was shot in the face by Oakland Police officers, who fired wooden pellets at people protesting against the war in Iraq. For more information see:

Dead Child in Basrah

"Collateral Damage" Sunday 23rd March, 2003

Someone's daughter or son with back of head blown away.

The reality of war and the result of U.S.A. precision bombing in Basrah, Iraq - Operation "Iraqi Liberation," March 2003

You can see these photos, of the reality of war, on if the Al-Jazeera website is down (it is frequently attacked by crackers from the U.S.):
Death and Casualty From Iraq Photo Essay 1
Death and Casualty From Iraq Photo Essay 2
Death and Casualty From Iraq Photo Essay 3

Bush is a deserter

"Please lord, forgive me for being a deserter."

"I saw President Bush on that aircraft carrier in the Pacific yesterday. Incidentally, that's the closest he's ever got to the war in Vietnam."

Senator Fritz Hollings
(Source: the wyeth wire )



Iraqi child, am I free yet?

"...the citizens of Iraq are coming to know
what kind of people we have sent
to liberate them."
— G. W. Bush
(Source: The White House )