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Gaza Pullout - What's Likely Now
Wednesday August 8, 2005
With "disengagement" comes the great chance for state and/or individual acts of provocation... and of course more misery for Palestinian’s and Israeli’s alike. But if history is any guide it is the Palestinian’s that will pay the greatest price. Today, another three Palestinian’s were shot dead by an Israeli settler sympathiser. What is needed now more than ever? International Observers of course. My brothers and sisters in Palestine and Israel have said so in the past, and they are most definitely saying so now.

I only wish we were already there, but alas we are not. Nonetheless we will be, and in that interest we intend to take the P10K plan on tour in the UK and Europe before the end of this year. If we are successful in our tour the number of P10K registrants will swell significantly.

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