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Congratulations to the Palestinian People
February 2, 2006
Congratulations to the Palestinian people for their recently held democratic elections. The people have spoken and their message seems ever clear to me, corrupt individuals and collaborators with the enemies of Palestine have no place as representatives of the Palestinian people.

I can understand their feelings, I can think of not one US Government that I am truly proud of. All of them have upheld policies that have brought rape, ruin and tyranny to every corner of the globe, including Palestine. They do not represent me, but getting rid of these prostitutes posing as politicians has thus far proved impossible. And the fact that the latest Bush is not in reality an elected president is not lost on me. Palestinians can now teach Americans a thing or two about democracy, such as the person with the most votes wins.

As far as Hamas having to do this and having to do that, Hamas has already, on its own terms, made a most honourable and intelligent decision by honouring a self-imposed ceasefire for one year now. Anyone who truly wants a just peace has to appreciate that this decision is good for all people, on both sides of the Apartheid Wall.

Beyond Hamas, I recognize the insane hypocrisy of US & British policies that not only allow, but subsidize Israel's massive ongoing weapons development program. A program that mocks international law and the United Nations, a program that includes nuclear, biological and chemical weapons. I am not blind to the “Disengagement” charade that made the Gaza pullout a propaganda focus, while more of the West Bank is stolen, Bethlehem is cut off and the same old story of assassinations and daily indignities continues against the entire Palestinian population.

What the US and British Governments need to do is shut their lying mouths, get their own house in order and stop invading, occupying and most importantly supporting weapons proliferation by producing, selling and using weapons of mass destruction... like no one else on planet Earth no less

The American & British Governments are morally bankrupt hypocrites and criminals of the highest order, war crimes and crimes against humanity in Iraq and Afghanistan are only their latest mass murders. Depleted Uranium, Cluster Bombs and mass bombing campaigns in civilian areas are routine. They are in no position, other than might makes right, to tell anyone, including Hamas, the Palestinian people, the Afghani people, Iraqi people, or any people quite frankly, how to run their affairs.

And I for one have to respect the act of standing up to these cowardly, bully governments.

I see great hope that Hamas is not for sale. I hope and I believe that Hamas will continue to honour the ceasefire, it will continue to provide much needed relief and support to the Palestinian people and it will not be bought. No matter what the price of that stance, tens of millions of dollars or not, I say power to the people and justice for all, and if Hamas is true to that doctrine than they shall have genuine support far beyond Palestine, including mine.

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