"I am only one; but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; I will not refuse to do the something I can do."
Helen Keller

PP10K FORCE Registration - €15
P1000K Registration - €10 (minimum)

There are two ways to donate to P10K:
1 -Online credit card payment via PayPal -

2 - By cheque or postal / money order
Send to:
2A Mayo Road

P10K is non-profit and run entirely by volunteers.

Helen Keller

Thus far volunteers have funded themselves to travel to Palestine, pay all phone, lodging and other administrative costs. P10K will remain a volunteer initiative and none of its coordinators will ever be paid.

Full Transparency - P10K Constitution
P10K's Constitution binds it to allocating no less than 95% of all donations to two purposes;
1) To transporting people to Palestine.
2) To maintaining P10K FORCE presence until our final objectives have been achieved.

Our administrative cost of 5% or less is a rock solid indication of our commitment to the mission we have set forth.

At this point we have halted all spending and this will not change until we are nearing 10,000 registrants for the P10K FORCE. When spending resumes however, all expenditures will be fully accounted for and published for public scrutiny.

Obviously, every effort will be made to minimise all costs, and where possible, to receive goods and services in kind, to prevent money being diverted away from subsidising the P10K Force.

What happens to any extra money?
If donations exceed the amount required to pay for necessary operating costs and the full cost of transporting the P10K FORCE to Palestine, any remaining money will be used to subsidise the ongoing living costs of the P10K FORCE (paid directly to our Palestinian hosts) while they remain in Palestine.

Assuming that the subsidised P10K FORCE is successful in it’s mission, any remaining money will be used to fund the next 10K Action – Iraq10K.

If for whatever reason P10K does not happen, all donations will be transferred to a charitable Palestinian cause yet to be determined; as our constitution dictates, no trustee or P10K Organiser will be able to financially benefit from this funds transfer.

The P10K Financial Support Base
K= 1000 1000 x 1000 = 1,000,000 P1000K = Palestine 1,000,000
Out of 879 million western citizens we need a mere 10,000, the P10K Force, to make history by immediately effecting a cessation of offensive operations and compelling the application of International Law which dictates an end to Israel's illegal occupation.

Out of a world population of 6 billion we need only 1 million of those people to donate £5 minimum (equal to €7.50 - $9.20US ¥1,015) in order to generate a minimum of £5 million. With that £5 million we will allocate £2.5 million to transporting the 10,000 P10K Force participants to Palestine. The remaining £2.5 million will be used to pay subsidies to Palestinian's who open their homes to P10K Force members and food purchases for the P10K Force; thus generating a desperately needed boost to the Palestinian economy.

With 1 million donors less then 2% of P1000K generated revenue will be used to cover administrative costs as the P10K Force, an almost unheard of operating cost for any NGO. This will be possible because P10K will be an almost entirely volunteer force with less then a hand full of paid positions in clerical, legal, and IT positions. None of the leadership of P10K will be paid, including the P10K founder Ken O'Keefe.

A P10K trust account is being set up for the purpose of insuring that if for any reason the P10K Force is not formed and ready to deploy by September 11, 2004, that all revenue other then initial administrative costs will remain in the account until the P10K Force is ready to deploy or until September 12, 2005. If by that time we have failed to deploy then the funds will be given to the Palestinian people via yet to be determined charities. No charities chosen will have official ties with P10K. Let this paragraph in no way indicate any doubts as to whether we will form and deploy, it is only added to insure that all funds will be used to the benefit of the Palestinian people one way or the other.