When will the P10K FORCE Deploy?
by K
en O’Keefe
The P10K FORCE will be comprised of no less than 10,000 people. 10,000 participants both directly and indirectly are necessary to ensure that P10K has the impact required to achieve our massive yet realistic objectives. A long term presence of no less than 1000 international observers is the key. 1000 people must remain until conditions on the ground drastically improve and thus provide the possibility of a negotiated settlement between the democratically elected government of the Palestinian people and the Israeli government. Until such time, there is little reason to believe that anything will change for the better in Palestine, or Israel for that matter.

When will we act, as conscientious people? When will we bypass a corrupt United Nations system and our complicit governments and do what is right?

Support for P10K
The Palestinian People

It is not an exaggeration to say that the Palestinian people virtually uniformly agree that a presence of 1000 International Observers in Palestine would improve conditions on the ground. But it is a long term presence that is needed most, a presence that remains until a just peace becomes reality.







P10K Founder Ken O'Keefe has joined the Free Gaza Movement which intends to enter Gaza by sea in order to expose and ultimately break the siege of Gaza. It is his intention to meaningfully contribute to the Free Gaza objectives and compliment the goals of P10K. If Free Gaza is successful, there can be no doubt that the chances of an international observer force within Gaza becomes more possible. For this reason P10K organizers encourage people to support the Free Gaza Movement in every way possible.