A Call to Action - Volunteers/Donations Needed Now!

Are you disturbed by U.S./British aggression for oil and power? Do you agree with the need for direct action, if so we urgently need your support. The goal of the UK Societies 'TJP Human Shield Action Iraq' is to spark a mass migration to Iraq in order to stop this war. What would happen if thousands of people, people who are sick and tired of criminal war mongering governments leading us to war. decided to stop talking and start acting? If thousands of us simply act, go to Iraq in mass, we can and will stop this war. No more excuses, no more cynicism, it can be done, it must be done. If not we seriously risk allowing a war that will likely lead to World War III. World War I & II were born out turbulent times just like those before us right now. Look at history, we must stop this war, never has there been a more dire & necessary time to act, things are not simply going to get better on there own, if we are to stop the madness of war, poverty, oppression, we must begin a global mass movement that rejects the status quo of only voting, recycling and protesting. This is not enough, we must act, and act right now! If you are unable to come with us to Iraq then help us by donating whatever you can and/or emailing us to offer whatever services you can.

Even though this action was born just three weeks ago, thus far we have Human Shield volunteers from America, Britain, Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland, Holland, Belgium, Hawaii, New Zealand, Spain and Denmark. This action is growing fast and can achieve its stated goal, it is up to all of us. We who are volunteering are willing to give our time, energy and possibly our lives, we need your support as our numbers grow. Everybody has something to offer, for every 500 people who donate just 20 Euro we can send 40 Human Shield volunteers. There are thousands of concerned people visiting this site each week, we need each one of you to give what you can. - Ken Nichols O'Keefe

"Civil disobedience becomes a sacred duty when the State becomes lawless corrupt." - Mahatma Gandhi

Those who join us believe that the way to end violence is by refusing to accept it, especially from our own governments. In this regard, citizens of both the United States and Britain have an urgent duty to stop their nations, but all of us must act now. These nations will not reverse course unless they fear the consequences. We can instill fear in our "public servants" with a mass migration to Iraq. No more excuses, take a stand against war, join us.

"People who believe in a better way of life know that the way we live now is criminal. Denial of freedoms, death by starvation and exploitation, denigration of people's capabilities everywhere. If you see that these outcomes are socially produced, then you understand that every person who dies as a result was effectively murdered. Once you accept the possibility of attaining a humanist alternative, you have to be a terrible hypocrite, coward or cynic to live passively with the contrast between what is and what could be." - Noam Chomsky

Sign the "World Peace Now - Not With Bush" Petition authored by Ken Nichols O'Keefe by clicking on the above link