Human Rights

by Ken Nichols O'Keefe

In Anne Frank humanity has an example of our potential, what an incredibly beautiful young women. The day that our best are revered instead of murdered will mark the day that we fulfill our potential as human brothers and sisters. Anne Frank lives in all of us, in our hearts, and she is asking us to fulfill our human potential by not just talking, but acting;"really good at heart."

Most of the documents within the human rights section of this web site are from the United Nations, but let this be clear, I am in no way a supporter of the United Nations as it is and how it was intended. The UN is in my opinion a dangerously deceptive institution that is intended to concentrate and centralize tyrannical power even further than it already is. Worse yet the UN's primary function is to further concentrate this power with the same criminal/government puppets that are duping humanity into our voluntary self destruction. Kofi Annan's role is to put a likable and trustable face on the United Nations so we will continue to be manipulated and fooled, and he is very good at his job.

I can think of no better example of 21st Century Imperialism than the UN veto powers reserved for the United States, England, France, Russia, and China. As long as veto powers exist for less than 3% of the participating nations in the UN than we as people are outright fools if we genuinely believe the UN is in fact a "United Nations." The recent UN Security Council vote in July 2002 unanimously supporting the United States demands for "immunity" from potential charges of crimes against humanity within the newly formed International Criminal Court destroyed any illusions that the UN serves the interests of the majority of people on this planet. Disgraceful does not begin to describe the fact that the United States, the nation that is soon to invade Iraq in violation of all laws and despite virtually unanimous opposition world wide has just received "immunity" for its "peacekeepers" according to the United Nations. Think about it.

The UN is a highly useful tool for the continuation of the status quo that insures chaos, oppression and war. But within this menace known as the UN are some highly useful and genuinely good tools that can be employed to benefit humanity and our planet. Wisdom and strategy compel us to exploit the manipulations of the UN against the manipulators themselves. Do not misunderstand me, I do not subscribe to the notion that "changing the system from within" is effective, if nothing else history proves this strategy to be foolish and naive at best. But using the global systems of oppression against themselves while infiltrating and sabotaging them is wise and necessary. This is not anarchy as most would define it, this is an intelligent struggle for justice. When the foundation of a system is based on lies and deception than the foundations are invariably compromised and dangerous. Anything built on that foundation is doomed to a short life in real terms, it is foolish to continue to build on these foundations. Instead we must exploit all that is useful in them while destroying all that is injurious to life within them. In this transition we will build sound foundations of truth and justice for all life. Only then we will have "human rights" in reality, and then peace will follow.

Disproportionate focus on the negative realities of this world while bickering over details in strategy will get us nowhere. I have little to no patience for this all too common foolishness that plays right into the hands of the oppressors. While debate is healthy as long as it does not paralyze us, action is imperative. We can make no mistake about this, time is so short that we must act now. Contrary to the constant declarations of "complexity" presented to us by the likes of Kofi Annan and virtually all agents of tyranny the solutions are known and tangible now. It is not debates or "World Summits" that we need, it is action. Direct action by the people, let the puppets debate, let the people act.

The question is do we the people (especially in the prosperous Western nations) really care about our human brothers and sisters around the globe? If we do not, which tragically is true for many, than let us be honest and admit our world is nothing more than a free for all where "might makes right." If that be the case than I say emphatically that I would rather die than see this pathetic existence progress to its logical conclusion. I say loud and clear once and for all, as a human being, that I demand the inherent and universal human rights in all of my brothers and sisters be honored immediately. Safe drinking water are healthy food are bare minimums that all must have, and can have right now, if we care. Excuses from puppets like Kofi Annan will appease those of conscience no longer, do not insult us by saying we are "making progress" but the issues are "complex." Bullshit, we must face the fact that our so-called "democratically elected representatives" or "leaders" are "unable" to provide the basic needs and rights for humanity because they are puppets controlled by a tiny minority who could by virtue of their own incredible wealth provide food, water, and housing for every single human being on the planet, but choose not to. There is nothing complex about that. Think about it.

Thus far we as human beings have been duped in the biggest of ways which has resulted in the world we have today. Our ancestors have collectively failed us. In continuing our blindness to simple truths we are fail in our moral obligation to our human family, we continue the cycle of self-destruction. Let us stop the madness, enough is enough. "Power to the People." - Ken O'Keefe