TJP Links

TJP - Truth Justice Peace - Human Shields - My sister site maintained by best mate and Human Shield #2 Christiaan Briggs. Regular updates about Iraq and Palestine along with an open forum.

The Thomas Hurndall Fund - Tom Hurndall was in Baghdad when I met him as he was considering joining my Human Shield Action; Tom decided to go to Palestine instead however and it was there he was tragically shot in the head by an IDF soldier; hell than fell into a coma and later died. Tom was/is an inspiring young man whose story can be found at this site. His family has admirably carried on Tom's will to see justice by highlighting his death as a means of raising awareness about the plight of all Palestinians.

Stop the Wall - A site dedicated to raising awareness about Israel's Apartheid Wall and ultimately bringing this obscene wall down.

CLG - Citizens for Legitimate Government - An excellent site with daily updates on critical information that you will never see in the mainstream propaganda/news.

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society - My dear friend and living legend Paul Watson's organization that has done more to save marine life than any other single entity. What Greenpeace used to be, Paul was a founding father of that goliath organization and he got out when he saw what it was becoming. I am honoured to have served as Regional Director for Sea Shepherds in Hawaii while I lived there.