Foreward by Ken O'Keefe - It is inevitable that simple minds will accuse me of anti-Americanism and to this I have a few words.

First of all, I have studied, defended and fought for the "inalienable rights" within the U.S. Constitution more than 99.9% of so-called "patriots" who would call me "anti-American," "hateful," a "traitor," etc.

Second, I have "served" as a United States Marine (yes I was an idiot) and even earned a "Combat Action Award" which is probably more than 99.9% of my "patriotic" critics.

Third, the un elected de facto U.S. President (dictator) is a deserter of the Vietnam War. But Bush babies are a privileged lot indeed, so being put in the brig (military prison) is not allowed, what do you think would have happened to you? The fact is that Bush is a hypocritical coward who is happily sending America's sons and daughters to kill (murder) or be killed for unlawful wars of greed and power that he himself would never have the balls to participate in.

Fourth, the so-called "Patriot Act" & "Homeland Security Act" & soon "Patriot Act II" are treasonous mortal blows to the United States Constitution; accordingly, Bush and his cronies and most of the U.S. Government must be lawfully tried as traitors in accordance with due process of Constitutional Law.

Fifth, thanks to dictator Bush there is still no legitimate independent investigation into 9-11. Why the fuck not? (rhetorical question)

Sixth, blindly accepting the rediculous status quo explanation of 9-11 and worse yet using this as justification to launch unending war on the entire planet is beyond stupid, it begs comparisons to the "decent Germans" of pre-World War II Nazi Germany.

Seventh, according to the legal definition of the word, via its "democratically representative" policies, the United States/CIA are the single greatest terrorist entities of the 20th & 21st Centuries.

The American people who are not completely off their head stupid know these realities and are working tirelessly to remedy this dire situation. A situation that threatens to destroy all that makes America beautiful, potentially plunge the world into World War III, and likely incite nuclear annihilation.

The fact is I love America as I do our Planet. So to my lost brothers and sisters of false American "Patriotism"; I present the above facts for your pondering. I say to you; Stop Waving that Flag and Read Your Constitution! Its one of the very best things you have. Then read the Patriot Act! One of the very worst. Then we will understand each other and commence to honoring our children... together. We must do this and now, because future generations will not have the luxury of our "prosperity" induced blindness so destructively cherished today.

"Remember this; you are the ancestors of those yet unborn." - Russel Means

Truly decent Germans of today have learned this lesson all too well. - Ken O'Keefe

US & Germany: The parallels are striking

by Mike -

What worries me is that we are imaging pre WWII Germany. The parallels are striking....

--lack of real political opposition (weak Weimar government--weak Democratic Party)

--consolidation of massive amounts of power without a clear mandate from the people (1932 election--2000 election)

--usurpation of leftist terminology to further a RW agenda (national socialism--compassionate conservatism)

--the use of propaganda (Goebbels--Rove, O'Reilly, Limbaugh, FoxNews, CNN)

--hatred of the French

--an appeasing British Prime Minister (Chamberlain--Blair)

--contempt for the international community (Hitler ignores the Treaty of Versailles--Bush ignores the ABM treaty and U.N. treaties on global warming, the international criminal court, landmines, chemical and biological weapons)

--hatred directed at leftists and other groups in opposition to the government (communists-- war protesters)

--hatred directed at minority groups (Jews--Arabs)

--weapons of mass destruction cited as a reason to invade other countries (Hitler claims that Poland could use poison gas against Germany--Bush claims Saddam Hussein could use poison gas against the U.S.)

--a terrorist attack on the country as the final catalyst for fascism (Reichstag fire -- 9/11 attacks)

--the merging of big business with government (Krupps -- Halliburton)

--extreme nationalism (Nazi flags everywhere--American flags everywhere)

--a culture that emphasizes the physical over the intellectual (Aryan *supermen*--American redneckism)

--leader worship (Hitler as Der Fuhrer--Bush as God's child)

--the creation of an internal security department (Gestapo--Department of Homeland Security)

--massive build-up of military and police forces (paramilitary SS dressed in black--paramilitary cops dressed in black)

--the use *lightning* warfare (blitzkrieg--shock and awe)

--easy military victories setting the stage for other conquests (Sudentenland--Poland and France, Iraq--Syria and Iran)

--eventual disastrous conflict with the Russians (WW2--Armageddon?)

The only real difference is that this time Jews are on the side of the fascists, and of course this crossover of Jews is the final nail in the coffin of the Democratic Party. There is no way Democrats can mount an effective opposition to Republican imperialism without taking on the Jewish neo-cons and the fascist Sharon government, and there is no way they're going to do that and risk alienating Jewish voters. In the end, whatever disasters may befall this country, it will be because the Democratic Party placed the feelings of 2% of American voters over the best interests of the U.S.