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Ken O’Keefe (born Kenneth Roy Nichols) was born on July 21, 1969 in Napa, California. He is an ex-US Marine that served in 1991 Gulf War, along with 600,000 plus service members he was ordered to take experimental injections and pills that have been directly linked to ‘Gulf War Syndrome’.  He subsequently renounced his US citizenship on March 1, 2001 and is now a naturalised Irish, Palestinian and Hawaiian (Nation) citizen.  O’Keefe led the Human Shield Action to Iraq in 2002-2003 and was a passenger on the MV Mavi Marmara during the Gaza flotilla raid in which Israel murdered 9 human rights activists.  During the raid he was involved in the disarmament of two Israeli commandos, taking a 9mm pistol off of one commando.  He is also a lawfully declared ‘world citizen’ with ultimate allegiance to planet Earth and our entire human family.

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What People Are Saying…

“My dealings with Ken over the years have been a great honor for me. I write this letter in support for this great humanitarian. He has devoted his life to the welfare of others not so fortunate as many of us are. He almost gave his life in the Mediterranean bringing humanitarian aid to the Palestinians. The Zionist state of Israel would have none of that. The Zionist boarded their vessel and murdered Turkish citizens as well as one American. Ken fought off his attackers with his bare hands and later was jailed and beaten by the Zionist thugs.

“I, personally, have felt the back hand of the Zionist regime when they attacked our unarmed ship, the USS LIBERTY, on June 8, 1967, when they murdered 34 of my shipmates and wounded 174 others, including myself. We were ordered by our government never to breath a word of what these murderers did to us. To add insult to injury, the rescue aircraft were recalled by that snake in the grass, LBJ. Every American elected official since that infamous day continues their support for the murderers of Americans on the high seas and pledge their allegiance to the Zionist state of Israel. No one should be allowed to get by with cold-blooded murder, not even Israel.

“My support for Ken is unshakeable and unwavering. A finer human being you will not come across.”

Phil Tourney

Phillip F. Tourney, 3 time president of the USS LIBERTY ASSOCIATION, Author of "What I Saw That Day" & radio show host

What People Are Saying….

“I write this statement for Mr. O’Keefe as a USS Liberty survivor.  I include him with those of us who served in the US Navy and Marines, and served it well. I like to make my statements short and concise, and easily understandable, as I will here today. Everyone of us swore to uphold the Constitution of this great nation, and in the case of many of us who served aboard the USS Liberty were afforded a high security clearance because we were some of the most trusted serving in the military at that time.  I often wonder to myself, “How is it that anyone could believe that those of us who are only trying to tell the truth, and highly regarded by our own nation, could be conspiracy theorists, or anything else connected to those kinds of names”?  Yes I know, they use these names to get us to shut up, and most all know it.  I myself believe that there are good and bad in all races of people, and the bad ones we call criminals.  So in essence how could one believe for one minute that any of us, including Ken, are anything more then patriots who love their country, and will do what is asked to bring it back to it’s senses.  I hope it is not too late.  Wake up now, there is little time.”

Ron Kukal

Ron Kukal, USS Liberty Survivor

What people are saying…

“I don’t know anyone that stirs my soul more than Ken O’Keefe. The familiar, but all too often distant ring of truth always sounds when I communicate with O’Keefe. It is an accumulation of his experience in the military, as a Marine, Gulf War Veteran and now showing no fear when it comes to standing, and then standing. His balanced position of the Palestinians makes me proud.

“I have no dog in that fight but I trust O’Keefe to tell it like it is. I host The Power Hour radio show and I can say that there is no former military person who is respected and listened to more than he. Listeners ask for him often as they always know O’Keefe does not mince words.

“O’Keefe is the type of person that walks the walk and inspires thousands every appearance, to do the same. We need more of this valiant character to lead the way. I, personally am honored to know him and even more proud to share him with my audience.”

Joyce Riley

Joyce Riley, RN, BSN, Former Captain USAFR, Flight Nurse

What people are saying…

“Ken O’Keefe was invited as a speaker to the Open Mind Conference 2015 in September in the city of Copenhagen in Denmark and we were honored Ken accepted the invitation. Beside being fantastic speaker Ken is a truly magnificent and caring human being for all living on this earth.

“Ken has now for years as a former US Marine been one of the few whistleblower voices to put light on the methods and politics of western imperialistic powers and how this politic result in bloody sacrifices put upon innocent people all over the world. A vital subject for people to understand in order to create a better world.

“If the world had more personalities like Ken O’Keefe – it would be much better shape!”

Frank Rasmussen

Frank B. Rasmussen, OMC Organizing Team DK,

What People are Saying…

“Who dares to stand up, in Truth and Courage, while under attack and when ‘the dark forces’ would like nothing better than to see him dead? Very few.

“Who does not fear to meet the enemy face to face, even when he is totally out-numbered and only armed with the Truth?  Even fewer.

“Who does not stand down, what ever happens, when it comes to protecting the victims of unjust wars?

“And who has managed to keep his Heart Pure and Caring  even though it has been forced through so many horrific and extremely painful experiences?

“The answer to these questions is Ken O’Keefe, whom I am honoured to call my friend.

“He is truly a Unique Warrior of the highest possible quality, a Man who chose to lay down his guns and instead use his direct and powerful words to help save Humanity.”


Ole Dammegård, Light On Conspiracies,


“Ken has the best overall analysis that I know of the corrupt structure which underlies events in the world.  The structure is a  financial system (which essentially serves the 1% elite rather than the 99% and is intent on denying economic democracy) combined with Zionism which manipulates political decisions in order to provide the circumstances in which Israel will be able to expand into the territories of Biblical Israel.

“It is his deep understanding of the structure which ensures that everything Ken says and does has strong impact and resonance.  He is both doer and sayer and his personal bravery in difficult situations (including being attacked by Israeli commandoes) is tremendous.”

Rodney Shalespeare

Rodney Shakespeare, Binary Economist, Political Analyst and Broadcaster

What people are saying…

“Like many, I remember first hearing about Ken immediately after the Mavi Marmara massacre–and in particular being (what better word can I use?), mesmerized by his going face to face and hand to hand against the rabid dogs of the IDF. Reading and hearing about him–as a person, as a man, and as a fighter for justice, I thought to myself what a great guest he would make for my radio program, The Ugly Truth. I sent him an email, expecting (as was usually the case) that I would either get an insulting response or else no response at all. The reader can then imagine my surprise when I received an immediate, cordial, and very personal response from Ken, along with him agreeing to appear on my program. I spoke with him over the phone a few days prior to the program, to get a better idea as to what kind of guest he would be, and within the same amount of time it takes to finish a cup of coffee, Ken and I were friends, and dare I say even brothers who had been separated from birth.

“At the risk of appearing overly dramatic, there aren’t enough good things I could say about my dear friend that would suffice in painting a picture of not only of who he is, but who he is to me and to my family, who also holds him in high–dare I even say–elevated esteem. Having spent countless hours speaking with him over the computer as well as the priceless honor of having spent time with him recently in Tehran, I cannot imagine what a much more horrible, lifeless and hopeless place this world would be without him. He has been an inspiration and a source of great joy to me personally, and I am sure, to millions of others of people all around the world who are drawn to his seemingly inexhaustible energy and drive to do what is right and to see justice done for the oppressed. Whenever conversing with him by email, I always refer to him affectionately as Commander Ken, and although he doubtless assumes I frame such titles of rank within the environs of lighthearted chat, the fact is I can’t think of anyone else to whom I would rather be subordinate on the battlefield of ideas and activism besides him.

“May God always protect and defend our great brother.”

Mark Glenn

Mark Glenn,

What people are saying…

“Ken O’Keefe is one of the greatest voices of truth, justice and peace of this generation. His eloquence, passion and gritty credibility makes him an undeniable force to be reckoned with.”

Chris Duane

Chris Duane,

What people are saying…

“I met with Ken for the first time in September 2014 at a Conference we both attended in Teheran. I listened attentively to him when he addressed the Conference, as well as in our several personal meetings during the Conference. I admired his matchless integrity and his fearless personality and demeanor. My impression of Ken, which  I did not hesitate to share with him, was that he was a second Malcolm X. May Allah protect him from enemies whose numbers can only constantly increase. Ameen!”

Imran Hossein

Imran N. Hosein,

What people are saying…

“Ken is the ultimate voice of dissent – a hero of peace and justice.  He is a true charismatic orator who grasps the world in which we live and fights to make it a better place for all.”

Gilad Atzmon

Gilad Atzmon,

What people are saying…

“Kenneth O’Keefe is an indefatigable freedom fighter and a forceful truth warrior. His commitment to the cause of the Palestinian people, and his solidarity with millions of Iranians suffering under the backbreaking economic sanctions is inspiring and encouraging. He speaks from the depth of his heart and you can behold honesty and sincerity in his utterances. He has fought for the U.S. Marine Corps, and delivered his service faithfully. Now, he is finding the suppressed people across the globe to serve them, as well. I’m privileged to have been Ken’s friend for some 6-7 years now, and when I first met him in Tehran in the late 2014 on the sidelines of an international conference, where he was an invited speaker, it dawned upon me that he is genuinely a friend whom you can be unmistakably proud of.”

Kourosh Ziabari

Kourosh Ziabari, Iranian journalist and media correspondent; Iran Review staff writer, Fair Observer correspondent, The Huffington Post blogger, East-West Center alumnus /

What People are saying…

“Ken O’Keefe is the real thing. Courageous, stunningly eloquent, an uncompromising truth-seeker, Ken is the heart and soul of the “Smedley Butler Brigade” of ex-military folks striving for a better world.”

Kevin Barrett

Kevin Barrett -

What people are saying….

“Ken O’Keefe is the ultimate Braveheart in the final struggle of world history. The battle line is clearly drawn between the demonic forces of Zionism and the New World Order on one side, and the foot soldiers of truth representing the oppressed people of the planet ranging from those in Palestine and Gaza, Syria and Ukraine, to those in America and Western Europe who have not yet determined who the Beast is, and how he operates. Ken is a razor edged defender of the defenseless, whose iron will, intellectual and rhetorical gifts, and physical courage as demonstrated on the Mavi Marmara, make me both proud and extremely grateful he’s on the same side of the line as I.”

Pastor Mark Glenn

Pastor Mark Dankoff,



You are among the conscious minority who can see amid the collective insanity of the masses who are blind.

You have a heart and you use it for so much more then the simple necessity of pumping of blood.

You are truly blessed yet this blessing is often lost in the illusions of popular culture.

You have been given the greatest gifts of all, the gifts of life & humanity… and you are wise enough to exercise and nurture them.

You are often ignored or vilified or imprisoned or worse, yet you are who you are, you are human.

You are the conspirator and co-creator of a better world, a just and peaceful world.

You are the ancestor of those yet unborn.

You are my brother, my sister, my family, and we are one.

We are Truth, we are Justice, we are Peace. And we are indomitable!

Ken’s quote of the day…

“I have for many years lived with the knowledge that we, the masses, the working class, the poor, the white, the black, the brown, the immigrants, the Christians, the Muslims, the atheists, the soldiers/ex-soldiers, the peaceniks, the communists, the anarchists, the students, the people, across the spectrum, we all have a common cause. And yet, we have so tragically allowed ourselves to be duped, to be pitted against each other, fighting each other, finding a million ways to divide ourselves, or simply to be indifferent to each other. In this, the tyrant’s smile, they laugh and they joke, about how complete their control over us is. They have been laughing for far too long.”

Ken O'Keefe


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