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It is 5:30 pm here in Gaza and reports are coming in of 2 million in the streets in Cairo, over 2 million for their “1 Million March”.  February 1 could still be the day that one brutal dictator flees the Middle East.  But more important than one fleeing tyrant are the seeds that are being sown.  If we nurture these Tunisian and Egyptian seed, identify the powers that be, hiding, conspiring, attempting to co-opt as they always do, we can end their game once and for all.  Think about a world in which there are no secret negotiations like those revealed in the Palestine Papers.  Think of a world in which “politicians” are replaced by representatives, real and genuine representatives, honouring the will of the people at all times.  Why not?

Politicians not Representatives

We can achieve anything we set our minds to.  We can expose the tyrants and their minions.  We can end the scourge of endless war, especially the farcical “War on Terror.”  Let us begin to acknowledge every institution and person who perpetuates this illusion for who they are, dupes and/or servants to tyranny.  The former must be seen with understanding and support, they are brothers and sisters caught in the web but we can help free them.  The latter on the other hand must be exposed and warned that there are consequences for such allegiance.  People die and suffer in legions for their work, there must be consequences, and there must be responsibility.  Ignorance of a crime and following “just following orders” is not a defence.

How many of us know the truth and can see through the propaganda?  I do not know the number but is massive.  And we are the ones that truly matter; we are the most powerful force on this planet.  We have just been in a slumber.  We are Muslims, we are Christians, we are Atheists, we are Communists, we are black and white, male and female, we are Chinese and Peruvian and Hawaiian, we are liberal and we are conservative, we are all people who know right from wrong and we are fully capable of agreeing to disagree on matters of lesser importance.  What do we agree on?  That is what matters most.  Do we agree that people should be free to live life as they see fit, so long as we do not adversely affect others?  Then we agree on a most important matter.  Do we agree that human rights are inherent?  If so then we agree on a most important matter.  What we agree on is far more important than what we disagree on.

I have longed for the day that we can celebrate our differences, where we would shed the labels and the treatment of others based on whether they fit into “my” group.  To all my Muslim brothers and sisters I say that I am not a Muslim, to all my Atheist friends that I am not an Atheist, nor am I any label that would ever satisfy me, but one thing is for sure, I am your brother.  I will always be your brother, and I will treat you as I would treat my brother/sister… because we are indeed family.

As for my lost brothers and sisters who subscribe to “chosen one” ideologies, providing preferential treatment for themselves and often times grave injury to others, you are a threat to all people for the logical consequence of your power expanding is more injustice.  Yours is a tribal ideological relic of the past, one that fits perfectly into the tyrants scheme, feeds into perpetual war, it divides and does so expressly for the empowerment of the few.  That was yesterday; let us never forget.  But today we are thinking differently, we are acting differently, and tomorrow we shall act as one.

For those of my brothers and sisters so indoctrinated that you cannot fathom what it is to treat others as you would yourself, you have been conned.  You have been stripped of your humanity; you are a threat to the whole.  What difference does it make whether it is Hitler or any other supremacist?  Anybody who supports persecution or denial of rights based on values of supremacy is an enemy to the people.  We can say this of all sorts of people, elitists, racists, religious extremists, no one group has a monopoly on such thinking, and each of you is essentially the same.


Mubarak Burns in the Egyptian Revolt


I do not believe myself much different from most people in that I am happy to share this world with all people, people of all religions, orientations, cultures, the only thing I require is respect and freedom for myself the rest of my human family.

I believe the time has come to unite, those of us who are sane, who can see that the masses are comprised of so many cultures and vastly different ways of life, yet we all demand essentially the same things.  We demand to be treated with respect.  We demand the right to a decent way of life.  We demand to be free.  We demand to be treated as a human being and afforded all the rights of a human being.  How many of us are there?  I don’t know but it is a huge number.  We need only unite and we will expose and root out the tyrants and their servants quite quickly.

And to my Egyptian and Tunisian brothers and sisters, thank you from the bottom of my heart.


  • angelagenie
    February 1, 2011, 6:35 pm  

    “As for my lost brothers and sisters who subscribe to “chosen one” ideologies, providing preferential treatment for themselves and often times grave injury to others, you are a threat to all people for the logical consequence of your power expanding is more injustice. Yours is a tribal ideological relic of the past, one that fits perfectly into the tyrants scheme, feeds into perpetual war, it divides and does so expressly for the empowerment of the few.”

    Exactly. Well put, Ken.

    The video is excellent too, as is your entire article.

  • elaine
    February 1, 2011, 8:07 pm  

    Although I am appalled at what Israel has been doing in Palestine, just as the U.S. does EVERYWHERE, I want to make note of those Israeli/Jewish people who do not subscribe to what their country is doing and have fought in their own outnumbered ways to stand on the side of human rights.
    We cannot just clump all Jewish mindsets in the same barrel.
    I know there are many Jews in Israel that have waged their wars and objections to Israelʻs policies.
    Maybe we should try to give them a voice. Because, as we know, when the majority is on a blood fest it is really hard to speak out and not get pummeled by YOUR OWN PEOPLE.
    Americans are despised around the world. Do we think like they do as fellow Americans? I donʻt but I know that I would hated regardless…the same with many justice minded Jews.

    • angelagenie
      February 1, 2011, 9:33 pm

      Elaine, there is not even one place where Ken clumps all Jews into a stereotype.

      He specifically states: “As for my lost brothers and sisters who subscribe to “chosen one” ideologies”.

      The main word being: Subscribe, obviously, there are many, many Jews who do not subscribe to the racist/supremacist – ideology/dogma/indoctrination of the “chosen people”.

      • elaine
        February 1, 2011, 10:04 pm

        Thanks for bringing that to my attention.
        Sorry, my mistake because I know Ken and had no intention of implying that he was clumping.
        I am speaking more general and overall opinions and especially that we RARELY get to hear the voices of those Jewish people that are also appalled at what is happening.
        Writing fast leaves a lot of things open to misinterpretation and I would never think that about Ken OʻKeefe.

    • mason
      February 3, 2011, 11:30 pm

      Elaine, i agree with your comments and that goes for all stereotypes they are very bad and cruel. I know many Jewish people who are very open minded and non “chosen”ideology. I am not Jewish. Muslims who the whole world thought was willingly under dictatorship or whatever was not correct either no one wants tyranny and I feel 2011 will be the year stereotypes get destroyed. No one can speak for everyone and Jews Muslims Christians Hindus are all humans first than whatever religion they claim to belong to.

    • kenokeefe
      February 16, 2011, 1:13 pm

      I am sure it is hard Elaine, I know this very well. And it is not fair that Israel is doing what it is doing, but Jews have a special role in speaking out louder and louder. Many are, and this is making a difference, I only seek to see their voices become even louder and more effective.

  • elaine
    February 1, 2011, 10:12 pm  

    As a side comment though, subscribing to ʻchosen oneʻ idealogies is inherent in the Jewish faith and in a way could be irrelevant to this discussion. But how many people are actually devout and practicing believing beyond the shadow of a doubt they are the chosen one? I donʻt believe this aspect of the religion indicates a pass for human rights violations.

    • angelagenie
      February 1, 2011, 11:22 pm

      Sorry to laugh, Elaine, however, it’s my gut reaction to what you said, cynical though it may be: “we RARELY get to hear the voices of those Jewish people that are also appalled at what is happening.”

      As a “Gentile”, I know for a fact that it is the Jews who have the major voice in the pro-Palestinian movement:
      Norman Finkelstein , Ilan Pappe, Noam Chomsky, John Mearsheimer, Stephen Walt, Philip Weiss, Adam Horowitz, Richard Goldstone, Naomi Klein, Anna Baltzer, Richard Silversten, Mondo Weiss, Richard Falk, Gilad Atzmon, Jeffrey Blankfort, Shlomo Sand, Antony Loewenstein. etc……………….

      • elaine
        February 2, 2011, 1:45 am

        Yes all the outspoken activist journalists and writers and thinkers; I am talking about the un famous people, the regular people of Israel like the regular people anywhere and the ones in the streets of Egypt.
        The ones that donʻt have a platform to spew from because they are not ʻpublishedʻ.
        But curious isnʻt that you say it is the Jews that have the major voice in the pro-Palestinian movement…I should think it should be the Palestinians. Same as Hawaii where someone other than Kanaka knows whatʻs best for them and has the loudest voice as if they are children and canʻt proceed with their own self-determination. But in consideration of the media controls I can see why more Palestinians are not heard and are not the ʻmajority voiceʻ.

  • MJ
    February 2, 2011, 6:41 am  

    Ken you are my brother in humanity, May you be rewarded for your actions one day.

    al-Haqq The True >Truth
    al-Adl The Just >Justice
    as-Salam The Source of Peace >Peace

    “Allah is the proper name of God, however, we know Him generally through His attributes. These attributes describe how Allah manifests Himself to us. God’s attributes are innumerable since human intellect cannot possibly comprehend every aspect of the Supreme Being. A Hadith of the Holy Prophet (peace be on him) makes mention of Ninety Nine names of Allah commonly known as al- Asmaul Husna, the Most Names. In the Holy Quran we read: “And to Allah alone belong all perfect attributes. So call Him by these. And leave alone those who deviate from the right way with respect to His Attributes.” (7:181).”

    “He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Knower of the unseen and the seen. He is Gracious, the Merciful.He is Allah, and there is no God beside Him, the Sovereign, the Holy One, the “Source of Peace, the Bestower of Security, the Protector, the Mighty, the Subduer, the Exalted. Holy is Allah far above that which they associate with Him.He is Allah, the Creator, the Maker, the Fashioner. His are the most Beautiful Names. All that is in the heavens and the earth glorifies Him, and He is the Mighty the Wise.(59: 23-25”)

    99 Names of Allah: 99 Beautiful Names of Allah

  • mgeo
    February 3, 2011, 8:56 am  

    Let us also acknowlege
    (a) the banksters, bank managers, trusted bank tellers, couriers and purchasers who protect, tranfer and convert the blood-soaked wealth of the tyrants and their puppeteers.
    (b) the paranoid or escapist mythologies infecting the minds of many of our own ranks.

  • hmm
    February 3, 2011, 7:33 pm  

    if you want to know ken’s opinion about jews, all you have to do is watch this at about 7:50. all humanity are brothers and sisters to ken, except for jews who have to pass a test.
    using david duke style code words such as “chosen one” is as transparent here as it is when duke uses it on stormfront.

    • kenokeefe
      February 16, 2011, 1:07 pm

      I have no problem at all with what I said on the interview you cite, your interpretation of what I said is for you to decide; I stand by what I said 100%. And if a person, especially a Jewish person cannot fathom the benefit of exposing ideologies that profess to identify a “master race” or “chosen people”; then they are as lost as the “decent German’s” who allowed Hitler to rise. Twist all you like ‘hmm’; that is my point. Any person, Jew, Muslim, Nazi, whatever, who subscribes to chosen one, violence towards the infidels, master race ideology is a threat to the whole.

  • GodSend
    February 3, 2011, 9:21 pm  

    THE world problem (including the Gaza and Egyptian problems, etc.), pure and simple, is ZIONISM (aka Satanism and Nazism). The banksters, Zionist “Christians” and other flavors of uncommon criminals are simply Subsidiaries of Zionism. How can THEY be defeated? Harold Wallace Rosenthal, a Zionist braggart (now dead at the hands of the Mossad for shooting off his big mouth), put it simply (“The Hidden Tyranny”): “We will never be defeated by words – only FORCE!”

    “The tree of Liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants and patriots.” (Thomas Jefferson). Do the Egyptian Revolutionaries know this? Mubarak is the tyrant, isn’t he? Suleiman is simply the “tyrant-in-waiting”!

  • MJ
    February 3, 2011, 9:41 pm  

    You should have knowledge of an ideology that will bring in a system that is better than the bankers’ interest bearing exploitation that passes for trade. In addition to the other bankrupt ideas and false standards they have promoted. The shackles will be removed by us from ourselves as well as you. At the very least have respect for those who do not follow your opinions and conjecture.

    Qur’an:276. Allâh will destroy Ribâ (usury) and will give increase for Sadaqât (deeds of charity, alms, etc.) And Allâh likes not the disbelievers, sinners.

  • MJ
    February 3, 2011, 9:42 pm  

    p.s my answer was to mgeo.

  • angelagenie
    February 4, 2011, 1:06 am  

    George Galloway, called Mubarak: “the tin-pot dictator.”
    Steve Amsel and Mary Rizzo, attacked George Galloway, as viciously as they are attacking Ken now.

  • hmm
    February 4, 2011, 4:18 pm  

    censorship? how unsurprising.

    it’s interesting to watch people develop a problem with jews as they get more extreme. you should ask yourself how this happened to you.

    • kenokeefe
      February 16, 2011, 1:01 pm

      I have asked, the answer was I have a problem with lies, injustice and senseless violence, thus I am “extremely” unwilling to accept the unacceptable world we live in.

  • GodSend
    February 6, 2011, 12:24 am  

    The Egyptian Revolutionaries appear to have made a crucial mistake – a lesson to be learned by wannabe future Revolutionaries (Americans, for example). The very 1st thing must be to “cut off the heads of the hydra” – all of them. That’s shorthand for “water the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants”. Otherwise, THEY will just wait until the would-be Revolutionaries are drained of energy, bullets, food and water. Then the Revolutionaries are likely to “lose their heads”.

  • piet
    February 7, 2011, 8:45 pm  

    pretty sure you will know these folks already but just in case ..
    Green Intifada is a community based, grassroots democratic movement; aiming to rebuild Palestinian society upon
    the ethics of sound environmental practice, sustainability and community cohesion. Green Intifada is not an
    organisation. It is the beginnings of a network of organisations, working together for social transformation in the
    Occupied Palestinian Territories
    Contact Us

    * Address: PO Box 448, Jerusalem 91002, Israel
    * Email:
    * Phone: +972 (0)2 274 8994
    +26 .. they did 3 posts since then

  • John
    February 8, 2011, 3:38 am  

    The Egyptian Revolutionaries are great. What they have done will sweep across the region and Europe.
    Has anyone ponder who are behind all this?? These are plan in USA more than 1 year ago. They are the people who advocate the one world government – New World Order.

  • GodSend
    February 8, 2011, 5:34 pm  

    It’s good to see the Egyptian Revolutionaries holding to their demand to have the Mubarak regime removed from power NOW. If they don’t, the Revolution (and the Revolutionaries) will soon be DEAD!

  • GodSend
    February 8, 2011, 5:44 pm  

    PS A tyrant only ceases to be dangerous when he is DEAD! This is a critically important lesson the future Revolutionaries who will overthrow ZOG (Zionist-Occupied-Governments) everywhere (including America) MUST learn. When Thomas Jefferson said: “The tree of liberty must be watered with the blood of tyrants”, he meant ALL OF IT! (It’s OK to just shed a few drops of the patriots’ blood, however!) 😉

  • GodSend
    February 9, 2011, 4:20 pm  

    Wael Ghonim is just what the Egyptian Revolution needed! Negotiating with tyrants is a NO-NO!

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 4:27 pm  

    Transferring power to the Egyptian VP is an empty and deceptive gesture by the tyrannical, pro-Zionist Mubarak Regime, designed to abort the Revolution and perpetuate Zionist control of Egypt. Wael Ghonim and the other Revolutionaries had better not “buy it”! The longer this “game” goes on, the slimmer the chances of the Revolution succeeding. So far, there is a worrisome lack of tyrants’ blood to be seen, watering the Egyptian tree of Liberty! Egyptian Patriots’ blood alone is NOT sufficient to nourish the Egyptian tree of Liberty – and make it grow.

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 5:44 pm  

    A resignation by Mubarak does not necessarily mean the end of the Mubarak Regime! The entire Regime must be ROOTED OUT, like an infestation of “Morning Glory” or dandelion in your garden. Otherwise, those residual roots and shoots will begin life anew – and make the lives of the Egyptian masses as miserable as it was before (if not moreso). Zionists and their stooges are truly diabolical! 😮

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 5:53 pm  

    Any successor Regime in Egypt had better be totally devoid of ties to Zionist Israel – or even ties to its “poodle”, America!

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 5:57 pm  

    Ties to Chavez of Venezuela are OK. A totally indigenous, populist successor Regime would be best.

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 5:58 pm  

    Ties to Iran would also be OK.

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 6:00 pm  

    Pro-Palestinian leanings (Hamas) would be ideal!

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 9:42 pm  

    No Mubarak resignation. “There will be blood.” – “There must be blood.” (Tyrants’ blood!). Exile or other disgraceful departure for Mubarak and his co-tyrants is no longer an option. The tanks must be turned around and aimed at the Mubarak compound (with live ammunition).

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 9:44 pm  

    BEWARE of Israeli katzas and sayanim in Egypt! (among the Revolutionaries)

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 9:50 pm  

    Omar Suleiman is a pro-Zionism Israeli AGENT. If he succeeds Mubarak, Egypt will go from the frying pan into the FIRE!

  • GodSend
    February 10, 2011, 9:56 pm  

    If the Egyptian people are to win this “game” of “2-UP” (Aussie rules), the toss must come up HEADS (Mubarak’s AND Suleiman’s).

  • GodSend
    February 11, 2011, 4:14 am  

    Here is a recent and relevant article by Jonathan Azaziah worth reading:

  • GodSend
    February 11, 2011, 8:55 pm  

    So TPTB (Zionist Slimeballs, AGENTS of the ALIEN RACE) finally decided that THEY had to sacrifice Mubarak to appease the Egyptian public and end the protests BUT be on the lookout for other Zionist STOOGES (like Suleiman, et al) to pick up the slack and keep the Zionists in CONTROL. It may well turn out to be a case of “from the frying pan into the fire.”

  • GodSend
    February 12, 2011, 3:11 pm  

    Already the Egyptian army is making noises like “Respect the Police”. The Egyptian public knows better than to respect the diabolical Police. Before long, they will realize that their army is of the same ilk as their Police – Zionist-infiltrated Slimeballs. The Revolution is far from over! The Tyrants’ blood has not yet flowed to water the Egyptian tree of liberty.

  • ken howland
    February 16, 2011, 9:26 am  

    You seem to dismiss all too readily the centuries of Inquisitions and Pogroms culminating in the Holocaust;Zionism arose in response to centuries of anti-semitic persecution. During the 100 years prior to the establishment of Israel by the United Nations, Jews struggled and sacrificed to regain there historic homeland. Arab riots in the early 20th Century, as did the Holocaust only stiffened their resolve. And the 1948 War and subsequent physical threats including terrorism stiffened their resolve even further. The real problem is the extremists on both sides. Somehow reasonable moderates must prevail. We simply must find spiritual common ground; inflammatory rhetoric does not help to bring about the realization of a balanced approach. Both peoples have the right to be respected; that is the essence of real religion no matter what the historical or theological origin. Cultural evolution contributed to by all religions suggests it; our mutual survival demands it

  • ken howland
    February 16, 2011, 9:37 am  

    Your earliest reference to Christians and Moslems without including Jews, suggests an unfortunate bias. My own involves an effort to show respect toward each other in non-confrontational ways. May it come to pass that :”That which unites us should be, can be and must be greater than that which divides us.”

    • kenokeefe
      February 16, 2011, 12:55 pm

      I am biased Ken, I am biased towards Truth Justice & Peace. Keep searching my brother, the truth has alluded you thus far. But if your intentions are pure you will get there, I can promise you that as my journey is not all that different from anyone who was once blind and indoctrinated and who eventually found the truth. Our numbers are growing by the second; come join us!

  • doctornur
    March 4, 2011, 12:21 am  


    Thursday, March 03, 2011
    US & Egyptian military. Egyptian special forces are reportedly helping with the US coup in Libya.

    ‘Terrorists’ and ‘special forces’ are destabilising Arab countries from Libya to Yemen.

    Egyptian special forces are in Libya

    And no doubt US and UK special forces as well.

    yemeni boy
    Yemen by notbad12345

    The excellent has an important article on YEMEN: Connexions.

    On 1 March 2011, YEMEN’S president Ali Abdullah Saleh claimed that the US and Israel are behind the protest movements.

    According to Saleh (Saleh blames US and Israel for his woes – The Scotsman):

    “There is an operations room in Tel Aviv with the aim of destabilising the Arab world.

    “The operations room is in Tel Aviv and run by the White House.”

    According to Saleh, opposition figures meet regularly with the US ambassador in Sanaa to co-ordinate efforts.

    “Regrettably those (opposition figures) are sitting day and night with the American ambassador where they hand him reports and he gives them instructions.

    “The Americans also talk with the government officials about this (the protests), but they tell them ‘allow these people to demonstrate in the streets’.

    “We say that this is a Zionist agenda… a conspiracy that serves Israel and the Zionists.”
    (Libya Payback: The Price Of Colonialism By Gaither Stewart)

    In 1960, Libya’s income per person was $35 per year.

    In 1966, “On the outskirts of Tripoli, Benghazi and Tobruk have grown up squalid Bidonvilles where thousands of Bedouins, attracted from the desert by the lure of the city, live in houses made of shipping crates and lift vans, vainly waiting for wealth to come to them.” (Libya: Peanuts to Prosperity – TIME )

    Gaddafi changed things, giving Libyans free housing, schooling and health care.

    BUT, after the 1969 coup, Gaddafi closed American and British bases and partially nationalized foreign oil and commercial interests in Libya.

    The Anglo-American-Israelis have always wanted Gaddafi toppled.

    Now they seem to be organising a new holocaust.

    Tripoli under Gaddafi – Website for this image

    Posted by Anon at 6:46 PM 4 comments
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    Labels: Libya
    THE LONDON SCHOOL OF ECONOMICS. Former Pakistan president Musharraf stated that Omar Saeed Sheikh was recruited by MI6, while studying at the London School of Economics. Omar Saeed Sheikh “murdered” Osama bin Laden. (Ahmed Omar Saeed Sheikh – Wikipedia)

    Libya was befriended by the UK spy service MI6. (London School of Spies – Mail Online)

    Is MI6 part of the plot to bring down Gaddafi?

    The London School of Economics (LSE), which has links to MI6, was where Saif Gaddafi got his PhD.

    The people who help to run the LSE include Sir David Manning and Sir Mark Allen, both of whom are linked to the UK’s MI6 spy service. (London School of Useful Idiots – Mail Online)

    Sir David Manning
    Sir David Manning, who is Jewish, was in Washington meeting Richard Armitage the day before 9 11. He is also one of the people who decided on the invasion of Iraq.(One of the Secret Rulers of the World – Sir David Manning).

    He is chairman of LSE Ideas and is a director of US arms firm Lockheed Martin.

    Sir Richard Dearlove

    Sir Richard Dearlove was head of MI6, and his Boston-based Monitor Group reportedly has advised Libya on economic reform.

    In 2007, Dearlove was branded a “war criminal” by audience members who attended his talk at the London School of Economics.

    “Dearlove came under rapid fire questioning about his membership of the Bilderberg Group, the alleged 7/7 mastermind’s status as an MI6 agent, and MI6′s deliberate counter-terrorism failures.” (“War Criminal” Ex-MI6 Head Dearlove Confronted At Event)

    Sir Mark Allen, a former MI6 spy, reportedly befriended Gaddafi in order to get Megrahi released and to get BP into Libyan oilfields.

    Sir Mark Allen is a senior adviser to the Boston-Based Monitor Group (Global consultancy and private equity firm).

    In 1996, MI6 reportedly used al Qaeda agents to try to murder Gaddafi.

    The Libyan assassins are said to have included al Qaeda’s Anas al-Liby.

    Al-Liby lived in Manchester, England.

    “The disclosure of al-Liby’s involvement in the assassination cell are contained in Forbidden Truth, a new book by two French intelligence experts.” (MI6 hired Al Qaeda men to kill Gaddafi: ex-official)

    The Daily Mail tells us more about the spooky LSE (London School of Economics promoted Gaddafi for his millions):

    Former UK Foreign Office minister Baroness Symons was on Libya’s National Economic Development Board.

    Baroness Symons is on the advisory board of the LSE Ideas centre.

    So is Jonathan Powell, who was Blair’s chief-of-staff.

    The Boston-based Monitor Group advises governments and corporations on international issues.

    Saif Gaddafi, in order to complete his LSE doctorate, interviewed various powerful people.

    40 such interviews were carried out on Saif’s behalf by the Monitor Group.

    Saif has been befriended by various Jewish gentlemen, including Peter Mandelson, Nat Rothschild and Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska.

    It looks as if certain people were conned.

  • LionMan
    March 4, 2011, 7:20 pm  

    good post brother. Indeed the age of Unity is dawning upon us. Let us gather. Let us unite. Let us recognise the incredible potential we have to simply stand up together as one human race. 2011 is the year it is all starting to come to the surface. The final round after so many years of preparation is starting. This is what we came to do, 7 billion of us, aligned for incredible times. Let’s get going already! Keep up the force brother!

  • DR.NUR
    March 18, 2011, 12:52 pm  

    What about the Bahraini revolution? Is the Usa and VT experiencing an acute case of ZIOCON FREUDIAN OROGENITAL CONSTIPATION for “human rights” on this?

    Or is it Israel’s competitive aversion to Iran and Shias and its love of fellow jewish wahabi false-muslim al-qaeda-CIA impostors-genociders and the Usrael fifth fleet spying base in Bahrain and that Libya has perhaps a little oil to grab? Why no intervention in israel’s Gaza and Lebanon genocides or Myanmar or Ivory Coast now?

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