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Truth – During the 1800’s Hawaii was a sovereign nation with a government that ratified treaties with 26 nations including Britain and the United States. The Hawaiian Government had five treaties with the United States, including a ‘Treaty of Friendship’. Hawaii’s flag still has the British Union Jack because Hawaii was given ‘protectorate’ status by the British Government. Despite this, in 1893 the United States committed an act of war by landing U.S. Marines in Honolulu and ultimately overthrowing the Queen of Hawaii and the lawful Hawaiian Government; Britain did nothing. According to legitimate International Public Law this crime has no statute of limitations.

The United States is by the legal definition of the word conducting a policy of genocide in Hawaii by attempting to legally eliminate the existence of the Hawaiian national. In 2001 I produced a film entitled ‘The United States of Hypocrisy – Hawaii the Tibet of the Pacific’, in this film I defined genocide and provided proof that this is indeed what American policy is all about. But the truth is that the Hawaiian nationals are back, and they are 100% committed to reclaiming the nation that is their birthright.

Justice – Hawaii is an extension of imperial power, a military outpost for America. For Hawaiians (kanaka maoli) however, these islands are sacred, they are not launching pad for war, to the contrary they are the land of “Aloha”. Remedy for Hawaii can only come by the application of law in which the stolen property is returned to the lawful claimant. On March 13, 1999 the Hawaiian Government was ‘reinstated’ according to the protocols of international law. This direct democracy represents Hawaiian nationals who have renounced their U.S. citizenship and repatriated back to their nation, the nation America confessed to stealing in 1993 via U.S. Public Law 103-150. Justice is as simple as the the thief returning the stolen property to the lawful owner. Of course the American Government has no intention of doing this, that for most, is the end of the matter.

But having become a Hawaiian national who has worked within the Hawaiian Independence Movement, I can honestly say that we all see the day, in the not too distant future, amidst the reality of a ever weakening American empire, that Hawaii will be a sovereign nation once more.

And the whole world shall celebrate Hawaii’s sovereign status when America’s massive stockpile of WMD in Hawaii, are according to Hawaiian Law, removed from the islands. I am truly honoured to have served as a legislator in the Hawaiian Government and having authored two laws; one bound the Hawaiian Government to non-violence, the other outlaws WMD and Nuclear materials in Hawaii… effectively tying Hawaiian Independence to American Imperial withdrawal. Read the law outlawing WMD here.

Peace – The Hawaiian Independence Movement is a model for lawful, peaceful, and yet revolutionary action. It has the capacity to catalyze other such movements and by virtue of the Hawaiian Governments latest law, this movement has become every peace minded persons movement. Hawaii is a microcosm of a better world, if the world does turn for the better, Hawaii will be one of the key links in the chain of peace.


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