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Renouncing US Citizenship

It is fair to say that I am an expert at the process of renouncing US citizenship, perhaps the leading expert given that I have formally renounced on three different occasions.

Why three times? Because the United States government still, to this day, claims me as a US citizen despite me going through painstaking effort to adhere to US and international law. Keep in mind that I left the US in November 2001, sought political asylum in Holland and have fought US policy on every level from outside the US ever since. I did not pay income tax for years before leaving the US and I told the US State Department this in writing before I left. I did not vote in the sham US elections. I sacrificed my US Coast Guard Captains License because I earned that as a US citizen. I also returned my US drivers license and social security card. And once again I have renounced three times and burned my US passport in Baghdad, all in an effort to exercise the human right of self-determination… and yet the US claims me as if I am their property.

These “powers that be” (soon to be powers that were) have in fact enslaved the vast majority of the human population with a system that we ultimately have allowed them to keep in place. And make no mistake, they do in fact look at all of us as their slaves. And that is the reason why the traitorous US government is able, according to this tyrannical system, has the ability to reject my inherent human right of self-determination and claim me as if I were a piece of property.

For my part I have long since rejected their system. Nonetheless, if you ask the United States government, is Ken O’Keefe a US citizen, they will say “yes he is”. If you ask me the same question you will get a resounding no. And this is a huge part of why I have renounced, because the system as it is owns us, and we must exit that system in favour of a new one, one that benefits humanity. The system I have chosen to honour is one in which every single human being is to be respected, their natural rights are inviolable.


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