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Ken (Nichols) O’Keefe in the Media

I must say one thing; being on television or having articles written about me or my actions never made me feel any better about myself. I do not judge myself based on the opinions of anyone but myself and those who know me, so the misquotes, quotes out of context, character assassinations and outright lies of which I have been subjected are all confirmation that I am actually doing something useful. If ever I become a media darling than I will seriously question what the hell I am doing.

For those intelligent enough to question everything they read and who know the value of getting straight to the source I do stand by every live interview I have ever done. The list that follows is mostly my words exactly (live interviews or my written words).

The bottom line is that I have used the media as the media has used me, except I have used them to propagate the truth.

BBC ‘HardTalk’ (Tim Sebastian) – Interview Ken O’Keefe (video)

BBC ‘Talking Point’ Forum (Peter Gould) – Interview Ken O’Keefe (video)

BBC ‘Talking Point’ Forum (Peter Gould) – Interview Ken O’Keefe (transcript)

BBC News – ‘I’m an Ex-Marine Recruiting Human Shields’ (not my title)

Guardian London (Ken O’Keefe) – ‘Back to Iraq as a Human Shield’

Guardian London (Paul Harris) – ‘Human Shields Head for Iraq’

Guardian London (Ken O’Keefe) – Post Invasion Statement

Z Net USA Interview (Ken O’Keefe) Transcribed from Turkish TV (NTV)

Z Net Germany Interview Ken O’Keefe) – German Translation

Fox News ‘Top Stories’ USA – ‘Human Shields Booted After Criticizing Iraq’s Instructions’

The Hindu ‘India’s National Newspaper’ – Article Praising O’Keefe for Straight Talk on HardTalk

American Free Press – ‘Anti-War Protesters Risk Lives to Block Bombing of Baghdad’

Sydney Morning Herald (Paul Daley) – ‘In Harm’s Way’

IndyMedia UK (Ken O’Keefe – ‘Christmas Call To Action – Stop This War’

IndyMedia USA (Ken O’Keefe) – ‘Stop This War; Support the Human Shield Action to Iraq’

WorldNetDaily USA (Diana Lynne) – ‘Looming Iraq War Divides U.S. Vets’

National Public Radio (NPR) USA (Scott Simon Essay) – ‘Human Shields’ (transcript & video) USA (Hsing Lee) – ‘The Sounds of Silence’

CNN ‘Q & A’ Interview Transcript (Ken O’Keefe & Jonah Goldberg) – scroll down

CNN ‘Connie Chung Tonight’ USA Interview Transcript (Ken O’Keefe & Tom Brogan) – scroll down

ABC ‘Good Morning America’ – Diane Sawyer Interview Transcript (Ken O’Keefe & Faith Fippinger)

BBC Hardtalk

Ken O'Keefe

Paris False Flag

Ken O'Keefe

Destroying the 9/11 Myth

Ken O'Keefe


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