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Truth – Citizenship is a social contract, within this contract each person has rights and obligations. I renounced my United States citizenship (for the first of three times) on March 1, 2001 because I do not agree to the obligations of U.S. citizenship. Specifically, I do not agree to paying into a tax system that allocates more then every other nation combined (over 1 trillion dollars annually) at the behest of the ‘military industrial complex’ with a ‘full spectrum dominance’ agenda. I reject war except in legitimate self-defense, i.e. the enemy is coming over your border. I would rather be imprisoned then pay for the murder of my brother and sister no matter how distant they may be and no matter how effective the latest lie by the powers that be and their minions.

Citizenship is a reflection of one’s conscience, thus world citizenship best reflects my ultimate allegiance to my entire human family and to planet Earth. Rather then renounce, world citizenship transcends the nation/state system which is inherently divisive. The philosophy behind world citizenship is a uniting force that respects one principle above all others, “The Golden Rule”. You need only to understand the wisdom and necessity of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” to be qualified as a world citizen.

Let me be absolutely clear, I despise secret agendas and I am fully aware of the New World Order agenda seeking to establish a ‘one world government’. I reject and denounce this agenda and want no part of any system that concentrates power in the hands of a minority at the expense of the majority. My goal is to effect a better world in which the will of the people is sacrosanct, the control of the community is within the community, and the way of the world citizen Golden Rule philosophy is commonplace.

Justice – Human Rights are inherent, yet they are stripped from us by the terms of nation/state citizenship. How about we create and give power to a ‘World Citizen Social Contract’ that transcends the nation/state social contract?  How about signing on to a social contract that affirms one’s birthright, which is to be free and live in dignity?

Only when we as human beings develop the wisdom to recognise ourselves as members of one human family, will we treat each other as we ourselves expect to be treated. This is the unifying philosophy I live by and to which I have largely devoted my life.

Peace – Peace as a goal is possible but not while most on this planet are denied basic rights and largely live in abject poverty, this inequitable and unnecessary reality is the root cause of all that is wrong on planet Earth, it is the greatest threat to our survival because a third World War is only possible in a world dominated by injustice. I am hopeful that we will wake up, that we will begin to see others as we see ourselves and that we will indeed create a better world based on practical application of the Golden Rule.


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