Little Known History of Hawaii


I write this story as a former U.S. Marine who served in the Gulf War. A Marine who earned a “Combat Action” ribbon in that theater. Some may not appreciate all that follows, but let there be no mistaking the truth it holds.

The Hawaiian Islands were first settled roughly around the time of the birth of Christ, by the worlds finest navigators then and now, the Polynesians. First contact with Western Civilization occurred in 1778 with the arrival of Captain James Cook. Within 100 years the kanaka maoli (Hawaiian) population was depleted by 95%! Mostly due to disease. Within that time however the Sovereign Hawaiian Nation was born. Despite the destruction, the kanaka maoli were 95% literate and quite well educated. Their Nation had 90 Consulates world-wide and Treaties (contracts) with twenty-six different Nations including five with the United States (one was a “Treaty of Friendship”). In 1893 the U.S. was complicit in the conspiracy to overthrow the Sovereign Nation of Hawaii. Backed by U.S. Warships and Marines. A modern day equivalent would be the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq. After the overthrow the U.S. systematically set about destroying much of the Hawaiian culture. Laws were passed outlawing the hula, and even the Hawaiian language. The ramifications of these genocidal policies are felt to this day. Hawaiians are as a racial group at the top of all the worst categories statistically and at the bottom of all the best

In 1993, (the 100 year anniversary of the illegal overthrow) the United States formally apologized to the Hawaiian Nation by ratifying Public Law 103-150, witch was passed by both the Congress and Senate and signed by then President Clinton. The two key points of the law are the admissions to actively participating in the overthrow and most importantly that the “Hawaiian people never directly relinquished their claims to their inherent sovereignty, nor title to their National Lands…” It is important to note that there is no statute of limitations for the international crime of conspiracy to overthrow a Nation. Accordingly International Laws are in place to protect smaller Nations from bigger ones. Without these laws no Nation could protect itself from the likes of China,… or the United States. Would it not be right for the U.S. to honor its constant professions of truth, justice, and freedom for all by adhering to those principles? Israel reinstated its Nation after 1500 years and now the kanaka maoli who have not been completely colonized wish to do the same. They have non-violently and lawfully committed themselves to the pursuit of justice through Public International Law. They are not naïve about what this goal involves, and the dangers are obvious to anyone who knows what covert operations the U.S. is capable of. Given the fact that the United States is a massive nation with incredible natural resources, is it right to steal the only place the Hawaiian people can call home? Furthermore, is it right to have placed approximately 3000 nuclear weapons in the land of aloha, because of U.S. designs for world domination? The bottom line is that the U.S. cannot have it both ways, either we respect international law, or we do not. To hypocritically follow law when it suits us is shameless. Please understand that I mean no disrespect to the many fine Americans who believe in the virtues of “Democracy and Freedom” that gave the Nation its birth, and release from the tyranny of the British Crown. Today those virtues hold just as true. I believe that true patriots honor justice, not governments. Patrick Henry, Sam Adams, and Thomas Jefferson along with all fifty-six who signed the Declaration of Independence were either traitors and felons, or courageous patriots,… depending on your perspective. From my perspective the individuals who Reinstated their Lawful Hawaiian Government on March 13, 1999, are no less courageous than the founding fathers of America. They represent the modern day David, confronting the “Mother of all Goliath’s”. Valesa, Mandela, and Gandhi live in spirit in Hawaii today. I have been honored as family (ohana) by these people of Hawaii, and I shall steadfastly stand with them in their seemingly impossible, but ever so noble fight for truth, justice and the most valued commodity of all;


For more information on the Lawful Hawaiian Nation, go to, or call their Office of Communications at 808-732-3849.

Also, you can purchase a documentary of this struggle entitled “The United States of Hypocrisy—Hawaii, the Tibet of the Pacific”. The cost is $20 and all proceeds go directly to the Lawful Hawaiian Government.

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Written by Ken Nichols



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