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The many unique qualities to our shop become obvious from the moment you walk in. One of the most endearing qualities is our family owned and operated commitment to customer care and satisfaction. In a world full of lip service we actually deliver genuine interest in providing the best experience possible through our goods and services. Pat, my mother will probably greet you. If you come into our shop more than once you'll probably be greeted by your first name. If it's your first time we will introduce ourselves and inform you of our world class Cousteau Gallery. This photo gallery is one of many examples throughout our operation that are clearly non-profit motivated. Within the gallery you will find amazing photography depicting both the beauty and the destruction of the ocean environment.

Inside our Cousteau Gallery
On a regular basis guests will enter the gallery and spend an hour taking in the sights, reading captions and enjoying the air-conditioned light controlled environment, all to the tune of the magical singing of Humpback Whales. Often times guests will exit the gallery feeling very emotional from the powerful images and quotes. These quotes from Einstein, da Vinci, Tolstoy, Gandhi, the Bible, Buddha, Schweitzer, Twain, Thoureau, and more all speak of the kinship with the natural world which is at the heart of our bigger objective to protect the environment we operate in. At the back of the shop is a 50ft. Sea-Life Mural, and 15ft. high "Ghost Net Sculpture." Both of these works are more educational than profitable, and many people are referred to us just to see the ongoing eco-art projects.


Our ever-growing Net Sculpture.
In many ways our shop is becoming a North Shore Landmark due to this uncommon commitment to education through business.

Our store; a full service dive facility (service, air fills and rentals) and a t-shirt collection that is perhaps the best in the state.

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