Donations and Trade

Over the past few years we have received numerous unsolicited goods and services from supporters and customers alike. If you would like to also contribute to our efforts in this way, we obviously welcome you initiative, and we thank you in advance. Below is a wish list of items that will help in achieving our ambitious goals of global expansion and protection.

Those wishing to provide goods or services in trade for our services are additionally welcome, and will be considered. Professional services of a business and environmental nature are most desirable.

Wish List

Hard Goods

  • Solar panels to get off the grid
  • Twin four stroke outboard engines (70-90 hp each)
  • Used or New scuba gear
  • Gas booster for compressor
  • Video projection system
  • VHF Radio with Handheld
  • Late model Computers, Monitors, etc.
  • Three chip digital video cameras
  • Digital still cameras


  • Coordinating & Organizing Eco-Projects
  • Web-site Marketing, Design & Maintenance
  • Accounting
  • Marketing & Advertising
  • Business Management
  • Graphics & Design



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