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Ken O'Keefe

Celtic - Irish - Martial Artist

Ken O’Keefe’s original marine conservation work has been somewhat overshadowed by his non-violent but fully confrontational work for human rights. An ex-US marine and Gulf War Veteran who has formally renounced his US citizenship (2001), O’Keefe’s activities to date include: Founder of Human Shield Action to Iraq (2003)

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TJP Silver Coins

Join me in this initiative to create real and long-lasting change that will positively impact all of humanity in the long run. TJP silver coins are part of the world citizen solution that strives to offer a lawful way to root out the citizens from tax obligations and take them out from being a financer of war and crimes against each other. We are dedicated completely to developing a global currency without any governmental control and give the power in the hands of the average citizens. This decentralized currency can be traded publicly across the world without any regulatory or legal fears. This campaign is meant to develop, mint, and distribute fresh coins among the believers and change-makers who want to influence a positive change in this world. This is not just about finances but is also a social strategic initiative that will have strong and meaningful effects on freeing mankind from its current paradigm. Join us in a drive to make this world a better place and stand up to the wrongdoings.


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