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Blessed are those with peace of mind and among the wisdom that has provided me this most beautiful blessing is that I acknowledge life as energy. There is no energy without life, there is no life without energy. Energy cannot be extinguished, energy can only be transferred. This simple truth reveals that ‘eternal life’ is within all of us. Our energy, spirit, mana, our life source or whatever we may call it, is eternal. The question therefore, is where will our energy transfer when we “die”?

I have come to understand that all life is connected, on planet Earth and throughout the universe. It is purely a matter of conditioning and a poorly developed ego that allows the illusion of separation. This false-separation manifests in the form of denial which in turn convinces us that the unnecessary suffering happening “over there”, does not affect us.

We delude ourselves and reject responsibility for any of the suffering, even though it is carried out in our name and paid for by our taxes. We all too often ignorantly and cowardly cling to the lie that the distant suffering is divorced of ‘us’. This is false, and the myriad of ways that people are painfully afflicted with discontent, fear, anxiety and an inescapable absence of peace of mind is the result.

There is one preeminent, universal truth within spiritual development, and that is the application of ‘The Golden Rule’. A persons ability to apply the Golden Rule becomes stronger and stronger as they reduce and ultimately eliminate the illusion of separation. As you begin seeing others as an extension of yourself, as inherently connected, part of the whole to which you are equally apart, the ability to harm others becomes more and more impossible. For me, this understanding does not apply to humans only, it extends to non-humans and beyond. I know that I am connected to the whole and I am in this mortal life getting closer to consistent application of this understanding. I consider this task the primary task of human life and I see the mastery of it beholding the greatest liberation/joy of all. Those who know me know that I am far from perfect, but I shall continue to strive for a state of existence in-line with the wisdom I have been so blessed to be exposed to.

The path to ‘enlightenment’ exposes falsehood and fosters understanding of universal truths. These truths are the treasure I seek. The rewards these treasures provide cannot be overstated, there is no measurable equivalent in the material world. This is my understanding and it gives me genuine optimism that a better world is in the making. Universal Truths are comprehensible by all but the most insane of people. These truths are purposely hidden from us however by institutions of power that are deathly afraid that ‘the masses’ will someday realise that we all have a common cause. Unity of purpose will shatter the painful manipulation we so ironically know as “civilization” and replace it with a collective sanity based on the connectedness of all life. This is the shift that I seek, and I see it happening with or without my mortal presence… that is the root of my peace of mind and my spiritual understanding.


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